How did you hear about FunAdvice?

How did you hear about FunAdvice?

Answer #1

I was just browsing the internet and that’s how I found this site. I was trying to find a site that you can answer or ask questions and I happen to stumble apon this one which was wonderful since I found it, I’ve enjoyed it.

Answer #2

I just moved overseas, and wanted to make some new friends. I typed into a Google search engine something like ‘make friends in Dublin’ and up popped FunAdvice.

Answer #3

I found it online while looking for some help on somthing and have been hooked since. lol. I dont need sleep anyway. ;)

Answer #4

I stumbled across it when I was checking to see if the domain “yahooanswerssucks” was already registered.

Answer #5

my son was on here and he told me about it.

Answer #6

just found out about it from someone answeing in Yahoo!Answers.

Answer #7

I found it on craigslist when esconsult1 posted about it :)

Answer #8

accident really I cant remember what I was searching for on google and found this site instead…

Answer #9

I was researching nose piercings. I had mine done and have troubles with it since =(

Anyway, came across this site and now I am addicted. Hahaha. Its become more of an addiction than myspace.

Pathetic, huh?

Answer #10

Google. I cant remember what; but I googled something that lead me here.

Answer #11

Uh my mummy :) ( bigmumma )

Answer #12

My sister has been on this sight for a month or so and she was bragging about how much she loved giving people adivce, she ended up becomming an advisor recently and now im on it.

Answer #13

I was looking up a picture and it showed up it looked cool so I jioned

Answer #14

I don’t remember. . . .I’ve slept since then. . .

Answer #15

the same reason why odal joined I was looking for an answer to a question I had

Answer #16


Answer #17

I saw it on Google when I was looking for an answer to a question I had.

Answer #18

I had to do a report on the Nile River so I looked it up and this came up. So I created an account and had fun ever since. I told Britz14. That’s how she came onto it. We had debates, which we posted ont his.

Answer #19

Same as most people here…I was googling a question and this site came up…It looked cool so I checked it out and now Im addicted…lol

Answer #20

I heard about it through the newsletter - many more answers here:

Answer #21

You already know how I came on here, thanks to Louisa (fizzpop12). Extremely glad that I came! Hehe, Britz

Answer #22

I was trin to find out if gerard way took drugs and I tiped it in then funadvice came up

Answer #23

it was a link somewhere and I got my brain taken away form me because I was being bad

Answer #24

From someone in Yahoo answers.

Go there sometime, its cool.

Answer #25

Yay thats me lol. ;)

Answer #26

I heard it off some hot chick called mel.

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