How did you first find out about funadvice?

How did you first find out about funadvice? Last year, I was searching for something in Google, my favorite search engine, when I found this site. But looking around at all the people who’ve joined in the last day or two on the photos page, I find it hard to believe everybody found this site the way I did.

I’m curious - how did you end up here?

Answer #1

I searched google for “advice help” and it came up, so I clicked on it. And that’s where it all started, lol.

Answer #2

Thorough ask I was trying to find out the easyiest way to commit sucide

Answer #3

I need advice

Answer #4

I think I was using “stumble upon” on mozilla firefox and stumbled upon it. It has bee quite a while ago. When I took a picture of a ?mushroom/toadstool? I decided to see if anyone could identify it for me. So far no luck though. Have fun and have a wonderful day! damama

Answer #5

I found FunAdvice off of a daily newsletter that I receive called WorldStart. It is Amanda’s column. She has something new & different everyday that I put in my favorites if I like it, & I usually do. This newsleter has some very good advice on using a computer.

Answer #6

I was recommended it by a friend

Answer #7

LOL…from Worldstart news letter also…I think there must be a lot of people on that forum who have a lot of things to say. I know I do. Sue90

Answer #8

I got a link to it from the MouthPiece:

FUNADVICE Funadvice is a community of users that give and receive advice on nearly every topic. Have a question or the answer, Search through endless topics and see what the advice givers have to say!

And I shared it with my list members :)

Answer #9

Well, I did a google search too ( lol). O was looking for like some kind of recipe or sumthin and this site came up. It’s the bess site ever. but the new layout isn’t as good as the last one, it’s too complicated.

Answer #10

I googled something that really need an answer from someone who has been through it. So this site came up and I decied to join it.

Answer #11

I was searching for something and I found this site it is really fun

Answer #12

through google glad I found it you guys rock

Answer #13

I was googleing teen pregnancy and it popped up because of one of the questions.

Answer #14

my friend told me all about it :) at first I thought is was silly but once you go on once, you get addicted!

Answer #15

I just Googled in ‘’ Question and Answer Sites and Fun Advice was there

Answer #16

I typed something in on Google about ways I could I could paint my nails and I just happened to click on this site. I favourited it so that I could come back and look at all the ways to paint my nails, then I realised that it was a site for asking questions. It seemed like there was a lot of girly girls on here to who needed advise and I wanted to help. = ]

Answer #17

Worldstart also. lol Founder Cathy here. Nice to see you all here. I have been enjoying it a lot.

Answer #18

from World Start newsletter

Answer #19

I got it from google when i was looking for advice

Answer #20

LOL.. Some one should tell Steve what he’s started . :)

Answer #21

I got it from worldstart also!

Answer #22

From Worldstart……here’s the column: Do you need some helpful advice? Or, do you know a lot about a bunch of different things and would like to give some advice? Well, then Fun Advice is the place for you!

To get the most out of the site, you’ll want to register, but don’t worry, it’s free! Just click the Join Fun Advice link.

Joining is really easy. You just need a username, an e-mail address and a password. Once you have all that, fill in something in the About Me field. Then click Join. Once you’ve done that, you can log in and start posting answers and asking questions.

I would not recommend this site for kids! There is a “Love, Sex, Relationships” category that should only be viewed by adults! But seeing as we are adults, I don’t think this category should be held against the site. You can choose not to view it if it’s offensive. There are a lot of really helpful answers and interesting questions here to ignore the site completely, but I wanted to let you know ahead of time, so it didn’t take you by surprise.

Asking a question or a piece of advice is really simple. Just type your question in the blank text box under the Ask for Advice heading and click the Ask for Advice button when you’re done to submit it. You’ll then be able to give your question a title, choose a category and even add a photo if you’d like. There are even some great tips on the side of the page on how to make your question clearer. Once you have some answers, Fun Advice will notify you via e-mail.

Answering a question is pretty easy too. If you see a question you’d like to answer and you are logged in, just scroll down the page past any other answers to the blank text field under the heading of Answer This Question. You can upload a photo here too and even check the box that will let you know via e-mail when this topic gets updated.

All of that’s pretty easy, right? Well, if you agree, go get your questions answered and why not give some advice while you’re at it?!

~ Amanda

Answer #23

My friend told me about it :)

Answer #24

I was googling advice collums online and this came up.

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