How did you find FunAdvice?

I’m just curious as to how other people found out about this site and came to join it.


I was searching through google for some good Rock Love Songs, and found a question on this site.

I quickly became addicted shortly after that lol.

Answer #1

Yeah, I was searching for an answer of something in google and I found this.

Answer #2

I was bored and typed “Funsh*t” in Firefox adress bar, for some reason it went straight to FA, then I read a question about someone poopin’ themselves and decided to check it out.

Addictive things, sigh.

Answer #3

I happened across it on from a google search as well. Then again I find almost everything with google these days.

Answer #4

Haha yeah I looked something up on Google, I think it was ideas for my birthday party or stuff, and then I found FunAdvice:) I was like, oh, let me just use it once to ask 1 question, but I ended up looking at it everyday and posting loads and loads of questions.

Answer #5

About 3 years ago I was just searching the web looking for answers and advice and then Boom this site came up in the search. I signed up and the rest is history lol…

Answer #6

I was running for Student Council on my school, u guys ‘member rite?, and I was trying to find some good campaign slogans to put on posters. I googled it and after searching random sites, I found this one:)

Answer #7

I was googling up hair styling tips and a question from this site came up so I joined :D

Answer #8

I was putting a side bar on my computer and put in Web Clips…FunAdvice questions kept coming up on there and I decided to check it out.

Answer #9

I was also using google, researching something and then up came this site, then I also became semi addicted…

Answer #10

I used to be on Yahoo Answers but it sucked so I searched Google for something instead and it lead me here :) I’ve happily been here for a little bit over a year now.

Answer #11

I was searching on google and came upon this site too.

Answer #12

I was google-ing something, I don’t remember, and I seen it, and SHA-BAM, I became semi-addicted.

Answer #13

I was just browsing thru the net and found this.

Answer #14

I was searching in google advice & came upon this site & have used ever since & also told friends.

Answer #15

I typed in a random question on google and funadvice popped up…I’m happy it did :) I didnt think I’d b on this site at all but I’m on like evryday hahaha

Answer #16

i was on google and was typing in random things and clicking im feeling lucky and i found this place and i thought it would be cool to get other peoples opinion so i joined

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