How extensive is wal-mart's background check?

I applied at Wal-Mart, went through 3 interviews to work in the Tire & Lube Express and passed the drug test. Have been waiting for 10 days for the background check to come back. I have one felony from about 3 1/2 years ago and a couple of misdemeanors. No armed robbery, no murders, etc. Does anyone know what my chances might be to get a job there?? The anticipation and wait is driving me crazy!!

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When I got my job offer at Wal-Mart, the background check only went state-wide and locally. The question now becomes whether you have those charges against you from in-state.

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dude im sorry but u wont work there start appying sumwhere else....
i applied there and they pulld up my juvy record and i dont have any felonies
but i do have mistemeanors (NO DRUGS/NO WEAPON/NO SEX OFFENCE) nothing serious
beside fighting when i was 17(self defence) and a bad driving record and they denied me..
its kinda funny cuz 3 weeks later i applied at a bigger corporation and got accecpted and thts a job for life! 34k a year and im 19 and have plenty of time to get a degree and move up!! walmart is dumb and so is all the white trash blue coller nobodys tht work there ! i know ur worried i was in your shoes b4 i know how it fills man go to a (CARQUEST) if u have one near by and they pay very well and great benifits and when u fill out an application be honest in the interview if they ask ''is there anything we need to be aware about'' and just pray and a door will open for u!! god bless!!

How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?

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- Well one felony certainly isn't good at all, but it's a good thing you don't use drugs, however, I will tell you know, in my opinion, if they have another person that's appling that has no felonies, I'm guessing they will get the job.
-Hope my advice helps you

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