How can you pass a hair drug test?

How can you pass a hair drug test?

Answer #1

shave youre head.but make sure that you dont miss even a single hair and do it like 30 mins before the test. or litle bits will grow back.

Answer #2

Intercept the hair sample and replace it with someone else’s. Most testing is sent off to a lab, and for whatever reason, lab pickups are usually just left right out where anyone can get hold of them (like mail).

Answer #3

set yourself on fire? I think if you have used recently… your SOL. this is a great site to research it though… if there is a way, it will be here:

Answer #4

even if you shave your head, if they really want a sample, they will go elsewhere on your body. you would have to shave your whole body, including your eyebrows, and I think then they will know you are trying to hide something. as far as switching out the samples, impossible cause they seal the sample in a tamper resistant package. they will know if it is opened by someone other than someone at the lab.

Answer #5

by not doing any

Answer #6

yah youre best bet is laser hair removal

Answer #7

shave your head?

Answer #8


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