How can you find a way to get the traces of thc out of your hair?

just want to make sure I can be totally clean for a court drug test in a few weeks. help!

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Fresh till death shaving your head does not take away your hair folicals! Come on , thats just common sense. I agree with editor, you cannot control when the thc leaves your hair folicals, thats why those tests are so serious and hard to pass. I remember the man at a job I was applying for told me seven years was how long pot stayed in your folicals. I took the test anyway... well I had not smoked pot in a little over four years and it still came up dirty. So I mean, like rascal said anything is worth a try, but don't get your hopes up ok?

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There is no "correct" answer here, as THC stays in your system longer than any other drug. That's the irony in marijuana -- it's deemed as being "safe" but will screw you over for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, while there are "tricks" to try and fool a urine test, there is *no way* to clean your hair follicles of THC, and they store it for a long, long time.

How long it will take to come out of your system depends on the person's metabolism, and the half-life of the THC smoked. Sorry to say, THC can be evident in hair follicles from 6 months to 3 entire *years* after smoking.

So the short answer? Stop smoking it. Not only is it illegal, it's a motivation-killer.

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Weed *can* be a motivation killer, but it never is for me... haha anyway...

You can order shampoo dude. I dunno if it works but its worth a try.

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shave it I guess would be the best answer.

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