How can make my elbows and knees clean?

Hi Frens..
My elbows and knees are darker than the other parts of my body.Please let me know how can I make them of the same tone.

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I have the same problem, but with my feet as well. I think it might be dry skin, so I use soap & Glory flake away. its pretty good. REMEMBER TO MOISTURISE!

hope I helped x

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HI there ! I study skin care so I think you should definately keep your knees and elbows moisturized as well as massage the area of skin for good blood supply, so the skin doesn't look dull. You could also use lemon juice or potato juice to cleanse the skin and lighten it or exfoliate the skin with finely granulated sugar and water twice a week (but be sure to wear sun block if exposed to sun.)

Goodluck :)

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It is completely normal. And it happens to most people at least sometime during their lifetime. Don't become self-conscious. It is a part of life so learn to accept it and become comfortable with it.

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@ the sheep..
they are dark when I keep them straight.. they come to normal complexion when I fold them. Its really embarrasing to wear short dresses for me. Please help!

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Lightly wash them and make sure you apply lotion on a daily basis. The drier they are the more attention you will draw to them. There is also a skin bleaching cream that you can get at the pharmacy or other stores that is fairly inexpensive. I've used it on my bikini line.

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for some weird reason, thats normal! it can make your skin darker if you keep on washing those parts, or dont scrub at the skin, just lightly wash it

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Are they only darker when your arm or leg is relaxed? Or are they also when your arm or leg is completely bent?

Because if this darker color goes away when you bend the joint that means the color is simply for a 'pile' of skin. You coulnn't fix that. You need more skin on thejoints or else you would hurt yourself when you bend them.
If its also darker when the joint is competely bent, then you might want to try a peeling.

the sheep

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Isnt it if you lean on your elbow's to much they become dark?

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