How can i turn on my boyfriend?

How can I turn on my boyfriend while kissing? & how can I just turn him on?

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email me and I'll tell you an amazing technique

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rubbing his dick with your hands and pushing against him with your body in a sexual like motion... or giv him head or masterbate him with your breast or your self gets mine all the time, or if hes a dork use porn

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In my opinion, girls shouldnt act like they know everything while kissing... act like your slightly new to the whole deal so that they feel like they are in the lead... after a while start running your fingers through his hair... and softly brush your fingers across his cheek a few times... he will like that ;)

how can I turn my guy on?
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look deep into his eyes then briefly look at his crotch or his lips then back and breathe in deeply. spill something non liquid on your your chest then tell him to help you with it and give him a sly smile. squirm in your seat and move provocatively.good luck

How do I turn my boyfriend on in public without being obvious?
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My boyfriend freaking loves it when I lick or bite his nipples gently. Lol it turns him on so much. ^.^ So, sometimes I just lay there and suck on his nipples, or run my tongue around them. It drives him NUTS! ^.^

What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?
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show him how turned on you are by what hes doin breathe heavily while kissing sit down and sit on his knee facing him put yor legs eitther side and gently starts dry humping him while kissing make lots of noise and slowly move down to his neck kiss gently and lick him long and wet start gently flicking your tonge on his neck also dry humping will pleasure you to and you will both b horny rememba the more horny you are the more he will be if your readi for sum dick action mock going down 3 or 4 tyms before you acc do it will drive him mad also tell him in a sexy whisper exactly what you are and want to do to him also calling him a bad boy etc works if its pre arganeded try showing up in a sexy school girl outfit and tell him he needs a punishment works 4 me ;)

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gud you asked here you go.. this is worth reading

LIGHT THE FUSE: 1. Brush your teeth (duh) 2. Wear a ponytail. He dose NOT want to munch mouthfuls of your hair girls. 3. Dab on your fave perfume. Hey, while kissing you he's breathing through his nose 4. Smooth lip balm on chapped lips-flavored gloss will give him a tasty surprise. 5. Always keep breath mints or sugar free gum handy-just in case MAKE SPARKS FLY: 1. Eat a handful of Pop Rocks before you kiss him/her 2. Ask to borrow his/her Chap Stick then kiss him/her and say, "Just did" 3. Roll a pair of dice, then see if you can kiss for that many minutes. 4. Kiss his/her neck, then blow on the spot to give him/her Goosebumps. 5. Eat a hot pepper and add some zing to your smooch. 6. Play a sweet song and kiss him/her in time to the music. 7. Rub your noses together 8. Order a latte and have him/her order iced mocha. Warm his/her tongue with yours 9. Cut eyes, nose, lips, and ears from a mag. throw the pics in a hot, pick one, and kiss him/her there. 10. Offer him/her a candy, then steal it back using your tongue. 11. Hang a mistletoe overhead. Hey, its x-mas in july 12. Eat a chocolate, give him/her a caramel, than mix the flavors 13. Sit with your lips an inch apart and have a kiss standoff. 14. Play a game of poker, but bet kisses instead of money. 15. Put an ice cube in your mouth and kiss 'till it melts. GO FOR THE GRAND FINALE: 1. Mimic his/her kissing style- he'll/she'll kiss you the way he/she wants to be kissed. 2. If you dont want to fall into a repetitive motion with your tongue, try spelling out your name. 3. Softly trace his/her lips with your tongue. 4. While you're kissing, gently bite his/her lower lip. 5. Lightly touch his face or neck while kissing. 6. Try to kiss each other without using your hands, and focus on what your lips are doing 7. A kiss doesn't have to be lips-only- his/her neck and earlobes are way sensitive, too. 8. Just say "mmm"- the humming will tickle his/her lips. 9. Run your tongue along the roof of his/her mouth. Its a super-ticklish spot. 10. After you've kissed goodnight, garb him/her for one last smooch. DON'TS 1. Dont rush it- you'll bump noses or bang your teeth. 2. Dont get smothered-break away for fresh air 3. Dont grope him. 4. dont let a kiss lead to anything you're not comfortable with. 5. Dont stop mid-kiss to tell him/her something. 6. Dont poke your tongue in and out of his/her mouth like a jackhammer or lizard tongue 7. Dont kiss with your eyes wide open. (duh) 8. Dont order food loaded with the way gum wont kill that smell 9. Dont move your head around wildly like a cheesy soap opera star. 10. Dont panic Be confident-he'll/she'll think you're a kissing expert (it's amazing the stuff you find online when you're bored)

How do I make my boyfriend horny?
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Wile kissing, Slowly reach your hand behind his neck and tickle the back of his neck,(It's a spot that gives guys the chills), Then wile doing that slowly take your tounge and trace his upper lip, then put your body(slowly) towards him, then slowly start kissing his neck untill you get down to his collar bone, then slowly go back up, and start with his mouth again, then let him go from there ;)

make your boyfriend horny
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while yall are kissin run your hands through his hair.spread your fingers and feel his hair go inbetween your fingers.but do it slow and mysteriously if that makes any since. then stop kissing him and kiss his neck once and then go back up and start kissing him on the lips again. or instead of going back up go down on his neck more kissing it with breif sweet kisses and then go back will sooo turn him on

How to make my boyfriend horny?
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gently bite his ear and kiss his neck if hes touching you at the same time, moan a bit to let him know hes pleasing you. like said before rub his dick and let him touch every inch of you. good luck.

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Well with me and my boyfriend I would jump on to a bed or couch and talk for a while untill were both relaxed and confertable. By this time I was laying across him with my leg flung over him like a stripped pole. Then gentlely rub his upper leg and get really close to his d*ck but don't touch it. He instantly got a boner and was all over me the rest of the night.

How can I turn my boyfriend on, without sounding corny?

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