How can i tell if shes horny

I cant tell when my girl is horny or not cause she'll play it off some times and if thats true then how do I get her horny with out touching vagina boobs or butt

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say sertain thinggs that always helps. kiss her on 6he nekk. rub her sholder bakk or etc. andy-thinbg that would make her relaxx. and get in the moodd!

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as kbbii13 said, a guy can make you really horny by just speaking, it depends on the girl , you can say something really romantic or something really naughty... it depends .. just make her KNOW that you really care about her and how she is feeling!

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I got horny just thinking about him.

How do you know if a girl is horny?
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Ask her. You have to cummincate. U can just tlk mad dirty. If u need help wit that then funmail meh!!!!!

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