How can I save my money tree?

We have a money tree that we saved from my Mom’s funeral in April of 2006. We put in a bigger pot because it is nearly 5 ft tall including the highest leaves. It did really well until this winter. Since before Christmas it started to lose leaves and now drops 5 to 10 leaves a day and if you touch itmany more leaves fall It is starting to look very barren. Thanks for any help you can give.. Gene from Kentucky

Answer #1

Hi Gene!!!

I’m not an expert when it comes to plants, but usually the correct sunlight and water amounts will allow it to either flourish or wither.

Pachira (Money Tree) needs plenty of light, however avoid direct sunlight. Increase humidity by spraying the plant with water once a week or place the pot on top of a wet pebble tray.

(If your tree has been suffering since before Christmas, the lack of sunlight may be an issue…these trees originate from the South American wetlands, so they are used to sunny, humid weather).

It’s soil should be light and should contain some sand to ensure adequate drainage. Do not let the pot sit on water and always empty excess water from the pot tray.

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Answer #2

I just did a dramatic rescue of a Pachira/Money Tree from my next door apt dwellers. This plant was rot rotted completely, and the trunk was swollen with impedding doom! I don’t know if I’ve found it soon enough to help, but here is what I did…

1.pulled the plant completely out of the soil and let it sit out side and air dry for a day or so.

2.pulled off all the dead and dying leaves, and trimmed the trunk back about a 1/2 inch or so.

  1. Put the plant back in the soil.

  2. came here looking for help too!

I’m hoping there is some luck left in that plant. My money needs luck for 2008!!

Peace and Feng Shui,

Neo-Texan Planter

Answer #3

Gene the most common problem with money trees is root /trunk rot. IF this is your problem it is simple to fix, but only time will tell if your plant will recover or not. if this is the problem you are having the only way to get rid of it is to completly dry out your plant (don’t worry money tree do VERY well with out watter, infact they prefer to be under wattered then over watered) First check your soil dinsity, its a good idea to airate it just incase. Gently stir the soil using anything you have handy that is long and thin (a bic pin for example will work wonders , just gently “stab” the soil with the pin untill it is all loose) once done let your soil dry completly, then wait one to two days lonager, if your trunk is squshy (very coman resolt from root/trunk rot) don’t water untill it is firm..and if it has been squishy, once firm you may again want to wait another day or two to be safe. Only water your money tree when the soil on top aswell as 1- 2 inches deep is COMPLETLY dry. I hope this helps, and good luck with your Money tree

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