How can i prove that i am responsible enough to get a budgie?

How can I prove to my mum that I am responsible enough to get a budgie. Last year my cat died, yah and this morning my chicken died as well (the chicken was not that sad but Casey was) and anyway last Sunday night I asked mum if I could get a budgie because I have always wanted 1 but she doesnt think I'm responsible enough and she has to "talk" to dad about it. She also says that I never looked after Kurmit, a crab I used to have but I disagree I did look after him very well and she blames me for his death saying he died because I didnt give him food or water, when I always gave him food and water and he died because mum was too lazy to take me out and buy some other bigger shells for him, so he died when he was molting (I couldnt go out by myself because I was in grade 3), mum admits that I do look after Ziggy- the cat like feeding her, but I take no responsibly for the chickens (I dont have to take resposbilty anyone thou because Thelma died) when I did take repsonsiblity like cleaning out the house and feeding them while mum is on holidays and when she is too lazy to get out of bed, but she never gives me a chance to do that anymore and then she blames it all on me and I'm like what the hell I have done this time??

So, I really want a budgie and I know all the responsiblites it comes with like cleaning their cage as they poo all the time, feeding them. I do have a currently vancant large space for a cage to go in my room aswell and then there is always Ziggy who would love to the bird (that mum is always worried about) :D not if the cat cant get into my room which she cant as the door is always closed. So yeahhh..

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Budgies are not messy animals in one bit, all you have to do is buy grain and pour water into their water tub, also clean the news paper by taking a layer off every morning. I have 2 budgies (Skooter-Female and Percy-male they are going to have children soon im like 99% sure, ok back to the subject) Maybe your mom sees you that maybe you aren't responsible enough, I'm sure your very responsible but then again you can't push your mom around like that, you have to under stand your living under her roof then you have to obey your moms rules. Just listen once your an adult you can have another pet okay? I want a dog so badly but I can't complain, sure I've asked like a million times but what the heck? My parents say no so you can't just keep pushing them. Sorry to hear for your loss of your cat and chicken, but I'd consider that if you want a pet then buy a fish for now. It looks like thats the only pet your going to get at the moment. Sorry to say but still you gota face the heat. :( Don't keep asking your parents 100% sure they'll get pissed off.

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Birds are very clean animals.. they also require a lot of attention, the can actually die from loneliness.. do some reserch and tell her you know all the work you will have to do.. and prove to her that you are responsible by keeping your room clean..

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