how can I pass a drug test in 2 weeks?

I have not smoked pot in 5 days.In 2 weeks I have a urine test.I drink plenty of water about a gallon a day.Will I be able to pass my drug test?

Answer #1

just drink and drunk lots of water . if you know when the test is dont smoke like 2 weeks be4 and drink lots of water

Answer #2

I was told that it takes two weeks for drugs to get out of your system so just drink lots of water and you will be fine

Answer #3

I smoked pot just last saturday and had a drug test monday, I drank about 2 quarts of cranberry juice and about 1 gallon of water…ate some tuna fish..(creatine) took a vitamin (niacin) and passed the test. the cranberry juice is to cleanse your urinary tract, also it helps your urine maintain color and not look dilluted. Hope this helps.

Answer #4

The answer depends on how much and how regularly you smoked it. If you only toked a small amount and only did it occasionally (2-3 times a month?) your system will be clear in a short time - week or so. If you are a habitual, heavy smoker (couple of jays every day for the last year?) it is going to take months to get it out of your system. These time and quantity numbers are just guidelines.

As a side note, Dr. Drew (an addiction specialist) notes that getting off a pot addiction is very tough and you may well need to start with a MA group to have any chance to succeed.

Good Luck!!

Answer #5

well dont do ANY drugs for 4 weeks and eat healthy for 4 weeks excersise drink 15 cups of water a day each day eat breakfast at:10:00amlunch at:1:00pm and dinner at7:30pm eat dairy and drink 5 cupss of milk and you will pass

Answer #6

YOU SHOULDNT OF SMOKED POT IN THE 1ST PLACE!!! just relax and drink the water. and sleep o-o

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