how can I make myself pretty

I am 15 years of age amd I would like to know how to make myself pretty. all my friends say that I am not ugly but it is hard to think that it is true because when I am with my friends they all have a boyfriend and I dont and when I tell a lad that I like them they all say “oh my god I would never ever go out with you, you are ugly” and I was just wondering if I could get some help.

Answer #1

u can try make up but u will always feel this way if u dont change the way that u think the first thing u should do is make ur self feel beautiful inside first and then mabye change the way u look try something new and that may help and dont woory wat boys think most boys are jerks

Answer #2

Well… lets just say some people are uglier than others…. But my dear, you have to appreciate your PERSONAL looks. Be yourself cos everyone else is taken! Who catergorises what’s pretty or not anyways? Most imporatantly be confident of YOUR looks. If you’ve got some spinach in your teeth give a big broad smile and make it fashion!

Answer #3

i really do like you advise but i do all of that already i wear a little bit of make-up i change my hair style and it still doesnt work for me although i dont think that it is the way that i look i think it is something else

Answer #4

alot of people may not approve of this, but maybe try make-up. i used to have the same problem until i changed the look of my hair (i got side bangs), i started plucking my eyebrows, started doing my hair (straightening it, curling it, etc.) and the big thing was wearing make-up. i also use proactiv acne solution and it got rid of my acne. now alot of guys think im very pretty/hott and i get asked for my number like alot when i go out. Try using like foundation or cover up..that helped me and eyeliner helped me a ton. i suggest getting ur eyebrows professionally done, but thats all the help i can give u. hope i helped

Answer #5

If a guy thinks your ugly then hes not worth waisting your time on him you want guys like you for you im a guy and i think your beautiful

Answer #6

I think youre pretty :) You have nice bright eyes and good skin, and your face is pretty in an adorable way :) Whatever you do, dont drown your face in makeup. I often have self-esteem issues, but I dont wear any makeup. at all. mainly because I see it as fake and pore-clogging. The important thing is to just be happy :D and next time a guy calls you ugly, kick him square in the balls! Its fun, and youll be the winner afterwards.

Answer #7

Don’t worry, nobody is ugly and I’m sure you’re no exception. I understand what you’re feeling because I often think I’m ugly myself, and I’ve been teased so much about it in the past. People like that aren’t worth the dirt on the bottom of your shoe, so don’t treat them like they are. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a shallow person, and unfortunaetly, there are a lot of them around lately. Taking care of your appearance is one thing, but not even giving someone a chance because of how they look is taking it to a whole new level. Don’t try and make yourself prettier for people who don’t give a damn about you, you’re just fine the way you are, but I know it doesn’t matter what I say, or what anyone else says if you don’t feel it, so please try. When you look in the mirror, focuse on your good features, not the bad. After I started to do that, I discovered a lot of good features I didn’t even know I had!!! I’m sure those guys don’t think you’re ugly either, they’re just looking for a few laughs from their friends and it took me a long time to realize that myself. People like that are just plain low and get their kicks by bringing others down, instead of facing their problems. If you still aren’t satisfied with your looks, try a little make up, it works wonders. Don’t over do it though, make-up is meant to accentuate your features, noy hide them. Like, if you have nice eyes, wear some mascara and bright eye shadow. Another thing hat really affects how you and others see you is how you carry yourself. Walk into a room like you’re the prettiest one ther, even if you don’t feel like it at the time. Sometimes you need to demand the respect you deserve. I wish you the best of luck, peace!!!

Answer #8

I’m 15 also, I always get compliments on my looks, but what people don’t know is that without the 30 minute prep-4-school I do every morning I wouldn’t look like this. A few suggestions are 1.) Eyeliner- (girl’s real best friend) Now matter what you look like eyeliner will improve you. Apply it under your eye on the little eye fold, above you eye lashes but just a little above any higher and you will get a noticeable line. Put it on thick, in the corner. 2.) Foundation- ONLY USE POWDER any other kind will just look cakey also go to a good place like mac and have them personally select a foundation to match your skin. 3.) coverup IT’S DIFFERENT THAN FOUNDATION - apply under your eyes because if your like me you probably have mild ‘sleep’ darkness also you can use it for pimples and blemishes 4.) Push up & padded bra- VICTORIA’S SECRET ONLY try the demi bra it’s great 5.) mini-skirts and mini-shorts basic color w/ neon shirts because’ neons in 6.) Lancome vibrating mascara ( Is that how you spell it whatev) it separates the lashes and adds volume and length. 7.) Blush - the moisened kind that comes in a stick form it the best but use it carefully start from the cheekbone and slowly spread in small circular motions 8.) SEPHORA’S heat recating lipgloss it’s my favorite because it changes colors (lol) 9.)eyebrow tamer- it allows you to shape you eyebrows and keep them in check 10.) Flirt and be aggressive, but no too much or you’ll seem either too easy or to forward. Also, guys like it when they have to teach you stuff or show you something. but they also like if you have something in common with them

Answer #9

um, use makeup. maybe some mascara and eyeliner with some foundation. use lipgloss, when you tell urself that you look great and pretty, your whole look starts to change, you should try to wear your hair in a different style, if its curly then straighten it. dress cute, if your not in style, then look in cataloges and see what the models are wearing, and then try tomatch them! look in th mirror and tell urself that you are pretty and when you walk around have confidence and wave to people. change urself all around. change is always good. then people will notice you when time goes by, talk to guys and dont b shy, always dress your best and look your best,u can do it! I had the same problem dont let urself down :)

Answer #10

Beauty may be temporary but confidence is forever no matter what.Before u can change your look u must believe u are the most beautiful creature walking RIGHT NOW!!!After u get your confidence back go to for tip on how to look your best.Also,who said you need a boyfriend.Your only young once.why do you need to be tied down.The days of being single and lonely are over.Be single and happy.

Answer #11

Okaii first of all .. tru beauty is on the inside and i know u probably dnt wana hear tht cuz i have the same issues of low self esteem, u cud try a completely new look , with new makeup, new styles, new confidence, confidence helps a lot and this is what boys will look for, also u need to come across as someone who a boy can love and simply be a nice person , these things go along wai with boys ,, hope this has helped:D

Answer #12

Any lad who tells you you are ugly is not worth it. Surely you deserve someone who makes you feel beautiful? And the easiest way to be beautiful is to be happy and comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else? I’m not saying be really big headed or vain or anything, just accept yourself for who you are and gradually, others will. Hope this helps!

Answer #13

Everyone is pretty in their own way, so you shouldn’t trust people that say you are ugly. And anyways, looks are not what it counts. I am a make-up artist of my own.:) But if you want some tips for being beautiful , I’ve got some…

  1. don’t bite your nails (its going to look cranky then)

  2. comb your hair for 3 mins (that will make your hair look soft and feel silky)

  3. bite the top of your lip…bite it softly ( if you have large lips, it will make it smaller and sexier)

  4. pluck your eyebrows ( pluck it once a week or twice)

5)eye-line your eyes (if your eyes are small, use eyeliner.)

Recipe: how to get smooth skin

  1. old toothbrush ( make sure its not the you r using)
  2. clean water
  3. any facial cream

first you use your old toothbrush and dab it in clean water. Then you brush your toothbrush with that clean water on your face, keep brushing it. Brush for at least 2mins, it will take away your old skin and dryness. after that, wash your face and dry it. Use your cream and smooth it on your face. Leave it on for 3mins and then rub it off. You have a silky smooth skin, voila!!

Answer #14

I am 13 years old and I have really bad acne, and I don’t feel pretty sometimes- but you have to remember that you are pretty. And if someone doesn’t like you because you may not be as hot as the popualar girl at school- I can promise you they would be SO lucky to have you as their girl friend! So keep your head held high and stay true to yourself- and make-up is always an option to cover up any spots that you don’t want to be noticed! So with that being said wear a little blush and mascara and feel beutiful- because you ARE!

Answer #15

Okaii Well Just Remeber You Are Who You Are You Can Change How Yu Look On The Outside With Makeup Etc..But Too Much Makeup Gives People The Wrong Idea I Have Quite A Dark Complextion So All I Use Is Mascara And Eyeliner I Go On The Upper Inside Lid Of my Eye To Make My Eyes Stand Out And With Mascara I Cape It On But You Wont Have Tu Du That Because Looking At You You Are Really Beautiful And Have A Light Complection So Yu Dont Really Need That Much Make-up On Just A Light Touch Will Be Fine And People Like Natural Looking People So Dont Worry About Looking Pretty Every1 Is In Their Own Way I Used To Think I Was Ugly But Then Looked At Things I Liked On Me ..So Maybe Give That A Go…But Yu Are Naturally

Answer #16

Well, I dunno, if this will help, but visit www. and search makeover-o-matic. It’ll let you upload your photo and then make yourself over online with all new hair and make-up and everything. I feel kind of like you right now, I wear makeup and switched up my hair a lil, but I still don’t feel pretty. Generally though ( if this is any compfort to you) I’d say people get better looking with age, not worse. If you specify exactly what you don’t like about yourself, I can give you tips to help change that. But remember, you should do this for you, not those boys who tease you.

Answer #17

wWell, you can make yourself pretty by being a lovable, helpful & intelligent person. Most guys take a temporay liking towards girls who spend a lot of their time trying to be pretty & there are still a lot of other guys who prefer girls who are warm & human on the inside. So don’t worry about not looking too pretty—God has created a person especially for you who will love you for what you are inside & not for what you look on the outside—From a mother of a teenage daughter

Answer #18

i have tried that already i have chnaged my hair style and i now wear make-up but i still dont think that it is working. although i still dont think that it is working but i dont think that it is the way i look or the way i dress i think it is something else

Answer #19

Darling. EVeryone is pretty. THat may sound quite unbelieveable which to most it is. But you are pretty. YOu don’t even need a guy. They are lousy and pathetic to most women (no offense guys!) But still. Just because your girlfriends may be putting you down by insincere words doesn’t mean you have to try to look pretty for the guys.

Answer #20

listen to best friend is the same way everytime she has a crush he calls her ugly.listen up girl,ALL guys will say sumthing stupid like that! all of them! unless your like totally popular and hot they all say that! I’ve had b/f’s be4,but it’s not my attraction it’s my personality.everybody on this earth has a soulmate,even might not be the “lads” that you approach but you’l find him and I saw yo picture you are far from ugly.

Answer #21

you can change your hairstyle, get lipgloss, and put some make-up on. If your parent’s dont let you put make-up on ask them if you can have just some eye shadow, if your parent’s let you have eye shadow make sure it’s a light color. For example: pink, light blue, light green, peach, or light purple. At first dont use dark colors, try avoiding black and red. You can also change your clothes. For example: tight clothes, short skirts, capris, shorts, half sleeved shirt, or try tieing button up shirts. Well, that was my advice hope it helped you:]

Answer #22

If ANYONE says “oh my god i would never ever go out with you, you are ugly” they are not worth anything, don’t listen they are the ugly ones.

Everyone isbeautiful in their own way. You will find someone who appreciates you for you one day - dont rush. Just because all your friends have bfs that doesn’t mean you have to have one.

I am a model, wear make up a lot and I receive compliments a lot from people I do not know (online) - but I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t even want one. I’ve never had one, in fact. It’s not about making yourself pretty - it’s about feeling comfortable with whoyou are and what you look like.

No one can tell you how to make yourself look prettier in your own opinion. It’s up to you to experiment and to see which styles suit you in your opinion. Don;t change yourself to suit other peoples ideals of what is beautiful because EVERYONE has their own, different view of what is and there will always be someone who disagress with you.

Hope that helped.

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