How Can I Make Myself Look More Mexican?

I’m half white and half mexican but when people meet me they usaully think I am white and it bother’s me. I realize I shouldnt have to prove who I am to anybody but at the same time I’m just tired of it, I dont feel excepted because I’m basically A mut. The way I see it is mexican people to except me because I’m also white and my white family dont except me because my dad was mexican. Where I live I hang out with more hispanics then any other race and I want to fit in…I’ve had people tell me to shave my eyebrows and wear a lot of makeup but that looks bad to me!! What do I do??

Answer #1

Not to play the role of Devil’s Advocate when it comes to semantics… but “Mexican” isn’t a race. It’s a nationality. What we typically consider “Mexicans” are an ethnic blend between the indigenous people of the region (Olmec, Aztec, Toltec…) who are of Mongoloid (Asian) descent, and Europeans (Spanish, primarily, but also Portugese) who are of Caucasian descent.

Naturally, with any blend, it’s not homogeneous, and there are many Mexicans who are a far higher ratio of Caucasian to Mongoloid background than the average, and they look considerably “whiter” than Mexicans who have a far higher ratio of Mongoloid to Caucasian background.

A lot of people get caught up in proving racial purity in a specific race in order to gain acceptance, and that’s actually incredibly sad. Stories abound of children from mixed-racial relationships being rejected for being “too black” for white society, but not “black enough” for black society. The concept of racial supremacy of any sort is just foul. Same goes for “La Raza”.

In short, if your friends of Mexican descent are harassing you or treating you badly because you’re not “Mexican” enough for them… they’re people who have an incredibly narrow field of vision. If your friends of white descent are harassing you or treating you badly because you’re not “white” enough for them… same goes for that instance as well. Honestly though, it sounds to me, more than anything, that you’re having doubt about yourself. I think you might be running into a situation where they can tell you’re lacking confidence in your own identity, and could be the root of their pejorative behavior towards you.

Anyway… don’t be offended by what I said. I meant nothing above to be taken in any sort of derogatory way, so if you have any questions or concerns about what I’ve said, just send me a mail, and we’ll talk about it. Best wishes to you, and be proud of who you are, regardless of what you look like. Remember, confidence is sexy.

Answer #2

Yeah [tinatodder4] I totally agree with the whole chola look. It works for some people but other’s look really off! I accept who I am as I am and my friends dont tell me to change for them its just when I go to family get together’s and quinces all I see is brown and I feel I just dont fit in. Mostly its a family thing…I just dont fit in with them. My moms family has nothing to do with me because they are against the whole different racial marriage and my dads side ‘’mexican’’ I know they love me but they look at me different because I am the only child in the family that is white and didnt learn to speak spanish…just sux in so many ways!

Answer #3

Hi. I can tell you to speak Spanish a little more and they will get the idea. Go to dances and learn how to do merengue,salsa, cumbia dancing. It’s fun and they will forget you look white. My son by the way may have the same problem when he gets older. He looks nothing like a Mexican but he can sure salsa at 3:)

Answer #4

I have a problem like that I’m was born in ny and my dad and mom are from el salvador I try ma best to fit w/ everyone something you can learn is that you are who you are no one can change that if you want to know to pplz you mexican by a mexican dogtag thay should sell @ tje hispanic store

Answer #5

don’t worry too much about it… you thinking what your friends said about how to dress looks bad… that shows that you aren’t trying to be like anyone else, which is a good thing. trust me. I’m native american and white, but I look more white. it’s all about how you carry yourself. if you are worrying what people are going to think of your heritage they have no business to worrying about it. they should worry about themselves. I go to lots of pow wows and I’m sure people wonder why I’m there, but I just have fun and appreciate what is going on around me because it’s who I am, and we end up having a lot of fun. just dress the way you want to dress and act the way you want to act. it seems like you already have the friends that don’t care what you look like or your race.

Answer #6

^^ I agree with MOST of what she said. I don’t think because you’re white it gives you more rights though.. that’s just kind of racist lol.

but yeah, I’m totally mexican but some people mistake me for being white, and yes it bothers me but I get over it. stop trying to be the stereotypical chola, that’s just disgraceful. you are who you are, and you just have to suck it up and accept it. if your hispanic friends are telling you to change what you look like so you can fit it with them more, then they’re just morons.

Answer #7

get over it. Your are who you are you live in america the land of the muts your lucky your only two races try being more then five then you have no idea what you should call your self. Im not even going to lie your lucky you came out white its so much easier to get a job and crap like that. Look im white and most of my friends are black? I dont fit in the least bit but no one cares about race you shouldnt either.

Answer #8

dont feel bad gurly im puerto rican italian and native american,,,and you call urself a mut!!! I have light green eyes dark brown curly nappy hair and light skin,,, people dont know what to think,,,but I kinda like it that way,,, it makes me unique just like urself,, you should be proud of the way you look because thats what makes you stand out from the rest of the joe shmoes

Answer #9

Be who you want to be …if you want to look like your mexican than get a tan that looks real and if your eyes arent brown than get brown contacts ((most mexicans have brown eyes)) dye your hair brown/black and then that should work!!!But honestly you shouldnt worry about it…You are what you are!Dont listen to anyone that says anything about you being white/hispanic…its just yu!!!

Answer #10

america has a lot of mix raced people in it. you should just be who you are and not try to look more liek a pacifice race…all above is good as well

Answer #11

join MS 13 will be more mexican looking I have the same problem bro

~ms 13 for life~

Answer #12

I’ve Seen That Movie. Its My Favorite Movie Except Its Called Sangre Por Sangre Not Blood In Blood Out

Answer #13

die your pure black and get a tan. get some cool mexi clothes

Answer #14

watch the movie “Blood in Blood out” it explains everything.

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