How can i make masterbation better

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if you are a girl let a stream of hard water run on your clitoris while lying down in the bathtub and u will reah an orgasm

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i think both.......well yeah same for me thats practically all i coulda said...oh and i back up the woman part.

how to masterbate with no hands
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let someone else do it for you

masterbate with ice
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Masturbate for a bit, and then stop. Continue doing this for as long as possible and when you finally come it'll feel like nothing on earth.

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If you want an orgasm, I know how you can get that =D simple, masterbate untill you start fealing like an orgsm is comeing and keep doing it till it happens and for me what happens is I just cant move my hands any more!! so I hold it untill I "can" and keep doing it over and over =D feals great!

Hellp? How do you masterbate on your period?

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