How can I look more badass?

Everyone knows half of being a badass is looking the part. Naturally I don’t want to smoke, I’m not Native American, and I’m trying to grow my hair out but it won’t comb into a style that isn’t the opposite of badass, thanks to hippies and emos and potheads and skaters. I do wear a bandanna occasionally, and I am 6’ 6”, but what are some other ways I can look more badass?

Answer #1

firstly Kamex why do you want to look badass? tell me this then I can answer your question as I find you be such a sweet guy and as you send you dont want to smoke and stuff so why do you want to be badass? is it to attract girls attention?

Answer #2

OK you are 18, so honestly the only people that even know what emo is are under 25…I am 25 and I did not even know what this meant until this year, never even heard the term. I think that if youare trying to impress strictly your age group and look like a “badass” you should work out and build muscle. this is not so they you look like a “jock” but because if you want to be a “badass” you need to look like if someone messes with you that you could kick their butt. If you are all skinny like a toothpick or fat you will not look like a “badass” instead you will look like a dumbass! I hope this makes sense.

If you are trying to impress people in general, meaning 25 and up then dressing more clean cut will get you further in the world. The “badass” theme for older people is not what you wear but what you do. You are considered a badass for doing bad things like getting arrest for doing stupid stuff. It has nothing to do with your clothes.

Answer #3

But I wear my bandana like this.

Answer #4 Find what you are looking for! Wicked Stuff!

Answer #5

A few reasons:

  1. Sure, girls. I’m 18, I don’t think I’m ugly, I know I’m not fat, I’m 6’ 6”, and I haven’t had a girlfriend since 3rd grade, and I’m not sure that counts. People always say girls dig tall dudes, but no girls dig me.

  2. All my life I’ve appropriately chosen my clothes for comfort and function rather than style. Not that I think that’s bad, or that my clothes look bad, but I never made it a point to dress to impress, let alone sick to any particular fashion or style. But somehow over the years I have coincidentally ended up with a wardrobe (if you can call it that) that makes me look borderline emo. I don’t want to look emo. Though how that hasn’t had any effect on girls diggin’ me, I dunno, as girls tend to like emos for some reason…

2½) So now that I need new clothes and stuff, I thought it was about time I pick and stick with a ‘style’. As being a part of some group seems to actually mean something to people (whether subconsciously or not), judging by even what I’m wearing as I type this, the first impression I must give people is I’m emo or something. So I’d like to change my first impression to being badass, as A) badasses are an increasingly dying breed in this modern day in age, and B) I’m sure as hell not going to adhere to any other lame fashion, such as the crap they sell at target.

  1. But I’m putting too much emphasis on clothes, ‘fashion’, and ‘style’. It’s also how I carry myself. Now I’m no emo, but I’m no socialite either, and that combined with my borderline emo clothing undoubtedly makes me look emo. However, if I’m a badass, my sometimes seemingly anti-social behavior becomes me just being a badass. It’s only after you kinda get to know me that you see I’m also a humorous, fun-loving guy, but that when the situation calls for it, I’m also a badass.

As you can imagine, thinking about how emo I look when I’m not emo at all makes me think about what other people think of me. If I dressed like a badass, I’d know I’m dressed like a badass, and I’d feel like I’m a badass, because I know I’m a badass, and I know I look like a badass, so I’d never be self conscious again. Something only most people can wish for.

And belindaleigh… everyone loves their mummy. Even badasses.

Answer #6

I am a college student also in the midwestern US, and I know where you are coming from, except I used to edge more towards preppy than emo.

First, grab a book by Erik Von Markovik called The Mystery Method. It covers in great detail how to change how people see you. Watch the movie Rebel Without A Cause as well; the main character is excellent. Look up a man named Tucker Max, as he acts much like you wish to.

Second, we have to define badass. There is “loser” badass and “leader” badass. The loser type is the punk kid whom everyone hates. The leader type is the guy whom everyone likes because he is not afraid of others and is willing to protect the people he cares about. The leader type is actually not a bad person - but he is somewhat intimidating because he is influential and respected, and people interpret this as threatening because they do not want to get on his bad side. When you talk to people like this, you will usually find that they are very nice people. This is a good goal, and most popular men fit into this category. You do not have to be a leader to portray this image, but it helps.

This is what you can wear: Dark shoes or work boots. Black work boots usually look badass on anyone. Women pay a lot of attention to their own shoes because they judge men largely by the shoes he wears. Jeans are good. Find some that fit well. Again, pay attention to what women pay attention to. For shirts, just avoid polo shirts. Either t-shirts or casual button-down shirts are good. If you buy button down shirts, make sure they are tapered or have a “modern fit”. This means they are slimmer around the waist, and look best on young people. All shirts at Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle are like this. Buy shirts that fit you well, as usually the fit is more important than the brand or designer name.

The attached photo is of a man named Richard Hammond; he dresses extremely well and is one of the most popular men in England. He is a very fun person, but has a bit of jackass in his personality. Take note of his hair, which is always perfectly disorganized.

Answer #7

I like how everyone takes crap so seriously. You people calling me a ‘poser’ know damn well you spend hours on end in front of the mirror, go to the mall at least once a week, own well over 1 pair of shoes, and spend insane amounts of money on pre-worn and torn clothes. I don’t. I throw some crap on, and the wear and tear one my Sears bought crap is real. Just look at your myriad amounts of damn ‘MySpace’ style photos in your lame FunAdvice albums you guys upload. Then you borderline underweight preteen want to-be beauty queens ask people how you can lose weight, or what kind of make-up you should wear or some crap.

Most of you aren’t bad looking, but you know it all too well, and you can’t get enough of people telling you how much you’re not, and as hard as you try, you’re still self conscious and insecure about yourselves and spend too much time and money trying to impress everyone.

So while you half-wit middle school prissies can care so much about your outward appearance, I’m not allowed to care less than half about mine as you? That makes sense.

I don’t give a crap about fitting in. Who the hell would I be fitting in with anyway? Robocop? Being badass isn’t a lame social category like emo, or goth, or prep, or jock, or punk, or skater like you find at your local middle or high school. Being badass makes you stand OUT. I mean I’m not afraid to walk across town at 1:00 in the morning, because I’m not skinny, I’m not fat, and I’m 6’ 6”, and I know damned well any mugger that might be lurking here in Bloomington, Indiana is going to pass up on the chance to jump me in the dark. And if not, my knife will come in handy.

I’m trying to get OUT of ‘fitting in’ because I look like an emo, and emos are lame, as is every other middle/high school fashion. I apparently have to pay attention to how I dress nowadays, as my not caring ended me up with emo-looking clothes. So I thought about how I could dress so I wouldn’t be labeled into any lame category, and I came up with badass, as no one’s badass these days, and I’d be outside those lame middle/high school trends.

So go spend half an hour trying on lipstick, you pretentious preteens, and leave me out of your damned middle school social labeling system.

Answer #8

Um… being 18 and being without a girlfriend isn’t so bad. My partner never had a girlfriend until he was 23.

Also, what do you define as “badass”? See, I don’t look at it as a fashion style, it’s an attitude. One guy I know who I consider to have a “badass” attitude just wears jeans and t-shirts. Nothing fancy. I wear a mixture- sometimes jeans and t-shirts, sometimes a pinafore and black knee-high boots, sometimes a corset with a shirt and black flares. I’ve dyed my hair black, blue, red and caramel on various occasions. I’ve been labelled “Emo”, “Girl next door”, “Geek”, “Arty”, “Alternative”… they mean nothing to me, because I just do my own thing without trying to fit into a category. Why do you feel the need to adhere to a stereotype, or be fitted into a category?

And not everyone loves their mummy- I love mine to bits, but I can count plenty that don’t.

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Answer #10

3 things my man, a clean pair of white on white air force ones, some jeans and a white tee thats it yo

Answer #11

wow you’re a poser.

Answer #12

girls dont like badasses, or at least not the stupid girls…perhaps thats what you want?…anyway we know fashion and a bandana is never in style unless you belong to some biker subculture. I’d stick to being a nice guy with good fashion sense!

Ooh!! Instead of being a badass loner…can you try to be a hipster?? Just buy a lot of vintage and act cool. The girls will love you. ok?

Answer #13

Badass is for wusses who want to look tough. They’re all nerds hidden deep inside and love their mummys. Wimp/

Answer #14

…That was just a stab in the dark at trying to insult me, wasn’t it Legion?

Answer #15

No. I just answered your dumb question. Enjoy your bandanna hero.

**Rolls eyes upward

Answer #16

You can’t…because you never will be.

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