How can I look beautiful for my husband?

how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart

Answer #1

Hmmm… I suspect that your husbands roving eye is probably his problem as much as anything. Affairs to a man are often not always so much about physical attraction as the need to conquer and reintroduce some excitement, especially if life at home has become a bit routine.

Having said that though, as someone who is very dark haired myself, I know that after a certain age it can weigh you down and look quite hard, so firstly I would suggest having masses of red or gold highlights put in and maybe grow your hair a bit, then have it cut into a nice bouncy, modern style. It will take years off!

Shape and define your eyebrows with tweezers, by plucking stragglers from UNDER the brow only. (Shapely, arched brows give a flattering lifting effect to the eyes and give a face it’s character. Your eyeshadow will also then go on smoothly too).

Now I would say to go and treat yourself to a makeover at your local beauty parlor. Explain that you want to learn some makeup tips and techniques YOU can do at home. (She will also do those eyebrows for you if you prefer). It’s important to get into the habit of spending a little more time on your personal appearance each day. 5-10 extra minutes in the bathroom each morning should do the trick.

Try to get OUT of the habit of wearing jeans, sloppy- joe jumpers, sweat shirts and trousers. They’re so unfeminine. Instead, go for some nice modern skirts and blouses in uplifting colors (Men love ‘red’ on a woman). Maybe there is a friend or member of your family who will come shopping with you and whom you can trust to give you an honest yet positive opinion of what suits you?

Also why not buy yourself some sensuous underwear so you feel lovely ‘underneath’ as well? 90% of this is about your lack of confidence you know. If you don’t have anyone who can help you go shopping by the way, then look at yourself honestly in a full length mirror (preferably nude) and notice your own ‘good bits and ‘bad’ bits so you can play them up or down accordingly.

I can highly recommend any books on Eve Fraser’s facial exercise routines, so do look up some of her books on Amazon. The muscles of the face are it’s scaffolding and so they benefit from toning and firming in exactly the same way as the body does.

Many women would look better immediately if they would only learn how to walk properly- I.e. shoulders back , tummy in, elegant ‘gliding’ steps and head up. I know that high heels are a chiropodists nightmare but do try to wear them sometimes at least. You will look and feel so feminine and they will shorten your steps slightly which is also creates a more attractive walk.

You know, there’s an actress whose name I can’t remember who used to appear in many of the old Hollywood films. I can find out her name, and get back to you because I really think you could pattern your look on hers. (She usually got typecast into Hispanic supporting roles. A very striking lady).

Finally, I know your husband’s behavior has probably dented your self esteem but please remember to smile. It makes people look instantly 50% more attractive - promise!

Here’s wishing you a fresh start.

Answer #2

Yes, i’d love to see an after picture too. LOL. This is fun.

Answer #3

I am at first wondering why you are still with him if has already strayed but, then I realize you are with him because you love him. So here are some tips on how to enhance your natural beauty. Visit a salon and ask the stylist to give a cute haircut. Maybe layers all over that you can work a little gel through and then be done with it. You have a mullet going on there, it must go! Try adding a few bangs to come down onto your forhead sweeping to one side. Next, you could use a little color. Either go to the tanning bed or use some bronzing poweder on your face. Add a touch of makeup to your eyes. Maybe a light shadow and some black eyeliner and mascara. Draw a thin line across the top lid. Some mauve or rose colored lipstick would look great with your hair color. If you don’t like lipstick, use some colored gloss with a yummy flavor for delicious kisses. Dress comfortable, but don’t be in that stained -shirt and sweat pants when he arrives home. Keep your fingernails and toenails clipped, filed and polished. Clear is fine on your fingernails but some color should be on those toes. Make sure to keep up with shaving habits. There is nothing sexy about snuggling to your lady at night and her legs feel like a red cross blanket! Now I have seen your before picture, you must post an after one. You have gotten so many great tips so when you decide which ones will work for you, let us all see the result. Good luck to you.

Answer #4

I submit the person with the ‘character flaw’ here is him, not you - if he’s telling you something like ‘well if you would only look better’ that is an excuse aka ‘cop out’ for his behavour/trashing vows/dishonesty.

Answer #5

Hey Darlin.

Number one do this for you and love it. Make yourself feel beautiful, get manicures, facials, long walks on the beach, caramel highlights through your hair, a bronzer, and soft eye make up to make your lovely eyes pop. You will radiate your new self esteem and look even more beautiful and more importantly you will love your self again, then if he hurts you again you are a much stronger person to make that desision whether to stay or go! Godbless you always.

Answer #6

first off, everyone is beautiful in their own way. if you want to enhance your beauty try curling your eyelashes and putting on some brown mascara, and a subtle line of brown eyeliner. also try a nude lip balm. just go for a natural look and maybe grow your hair out a little bit and blow it out differently so it frames your face. I must say though, if your husband strays he’s not worth it. Any man that makes you feel inadequate is not worth it at all. But good luck honey!

Answer #7

hi hun, I personally think first you need to find what suits you without trying to please anyone else, go for a hairstyle, a new outfit or even just some new makeup, its not about bettering yourself its about trying something different, once you feel comfortable in your choice you’ll feel more confident, confidence equals beauty, good luck!

Answer #8

try cutting your hair into a cute style. have you ever watched the suite life of zach and cody on the disney channel? you know the mom carrie? she has a really cute cut that might look nice on you. try going tanning cause in your picture you look a bit pale. also try wearing some makeup. mascara always looks good. and maybe add a little eyeliner. and maybe some cute brown or copper eyeshadow. if you need anymore help let me knoww. i loveee answering questions on this stuff.

Answer #9

If that’s what you really want, then make “visit to a salon” always on your “to do” lists.

Until such time when you become excellent in all those makeovers that you just wanna do them yourself.

What a lucky husband. Go party with your children. I agree with peacenlove. If he makes you feel inadequate, hes the one who’s having a problem. God even loves as we are (without makeup ).

But since he is already your husband, you just got to treat him like a baby. :)

Answer #10

Ref my reply of August the 9th.

The actress whose name I couldn’t remember and who I think would be a great inspiration to you is ‘katy Jurado’ who appeared in one of my fave films ‘Trapeze’ with Burt Lancaster, Gina Lollobrigida and Tony Curtis so do look up an image of her on the web -and try to catch the film too!

Would love to see a photo of your new look when your confident enough to show us!

Answer #11

hi how are u … I want to say some thing .. its not how you look . its how u deal with hem .. you r beautifull you dont have to be beautifull ..

Answer #12

hello, I WOULD SAY, if you are not pretty at all then the only net thing for you is to get a fab body.

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