How can I increase my alcohol resistance?

do you have to drink alcohol continuously to increase your resistance to it? I need to know how! please please answer! thanx

Answer #1

noo you guys have got me all wrong! I dont want to become an alcoholic and I have a pretty gd alcohol resistance, I just want to increase it so I dont end up puking faster than usual infront of the guys ^^ laame I know. oh well.

Answer #2

To answer your question: Yes, you have to drink it consistently, every weekend and even during the week, and have a hangover every morning and wonder what the heck you ended up doing the night before since you were to busy getting drunk and building up your tolerance to remember. You gotta drink a lot, for a long time. But it might not actually seem like that long since a lot of it, you wont’ remember since you black out. A lot of the time, your friends will remind you the next day. Your friends who DIDN”T spend the whole time drinking and getting trashed to build their tolerance. They’ll tell you who you ended up making out with and who you slept with (whether it was your boyfriend or someone elses), who you got into a fight with (most likely it will be one of your best friends or a family member who you love). Or you’ll wake up in jail because you made a bad decision while you were drinking and building your tolerance. Or you’ll wind up pregnant and wonder how it happened and your baby will end up all messed up cause you were drinking during the pregnancy. But you can’t let that stop you if you want to have a high alcohol resistance. Just gotta drink through all the problems, cause at least when your drunk, none of that stuff will matter: college, a good job, your family, everything that should be important wont matter. But you’ll be so drunk all the time, you won’t really be bothered by it. But if you try real hard, you can get up to the point you can drink a whole case of beer in one night, or a whole bottle of booze to yourself. And you won’t even have to brag about it, people will be able to tell just by the constantly drunk look on your face and the fact that you look like an old woman even though your only in your 20’s that you are a certified alcoholic who deserves all the respect they get. Eventually, you won’t even be able to hang out with friends unless your drinking something. By the time your 40 or so, your liver and other organs will just start failing on you one-by-one, and you could be dead before your 50, in case you didnt want to live to see your grandchildren, that would be a good option. And that’s if you don’t die in a car crash at the age of 18, or 20, since everyone with a high tolerance thinks they can drive ok when theyre buzzed. But eventually, you are so good at driving drunk that you get arrogant and slip up a little, just close your eyes or pay attention to something besides looking at the road, it could be another person in the car talking to you, or it could be you lighting up a cigarette or changing the radio, and since your drunk you don’t see out of the corner of your eye that you have accidently swerved off the road and your about to hit a tree or hit another car that could have children in it. You probably won’t actually “feel” yourself die, since your drunk. So that’s a plus if you want your life to just go out like a candle and maybe take out a few other innocent people along with you. I would think that there’s a lot of other, more rewarding ways to spend all that youthful energy and intelligence than to get a high alcohol resistance, but I hope I’ve helped you by answering your question.

Answer #3

ok I take it your a girl. if you don’t want to puke faster in front of the guys then its simple: be ladylike and drink less. girls should not be able to drink as much as guys, it’s not attractive. just have little feminine sized drinks and hold on to your femininity. if someones telling you you should be able to drink as much as everyone else then they are probably trying get you EXTRA drunk so they can either take advantage of your body or just laugh at how stupid you look when your all messed up. that’s what is beautiful about this world is that everyone’s different. and if your puking in front of everyone, that’s just your body’s way of saying that you drank too much, too fast. and since everyone’s different, everyone has a different alcohol tolerance. its based on mainly your bodyweight. so the most efficient way to get your tolerance up would be to gain a lot of weight. its also based on how often you drink cause your body “gets used to it” after a while and it will take like 3 to 6 beers just to feel a little buzz. I’ve been to that point and its not all that cool. especially if your not filthy rich, which I am not. because it can cost a lot more money just to catch a buzz. it can also be based somewhat on your bloodlines and if you have alcoholism in your family. or what ethicity you are can have an effect as well.

Answer #4

Why in the world would you want to do that??? Yes you do have to consume enough at a period of a long time to increase your resistance, but that doesnt mean that if you do get busted that it will change the fact… The levels of alcohol in your body will be the same if you were ever to get tested for a dui.. Man you dont want to do that.. It gets pricy too

Answer #5

well…why the hell would you want to do that???!!! and to help you to NOT become an alcoholic im not going to tell u…srry but it’s 4 your own good…I no that lots of people will agree with me!

Answer #6

Now this is a Silly Question , and the other answers here says it all — Put down the alcohol and go to school , get a job and add to society – Be a Volunteer

Answer #7

if the kid wants to be like his dad then let him ok, I will tell you what to do. Go to the store and buy some Golden Grain, only one bottle and drink 4 cups of that a day even though it taste like 60 year old vigina, but hang in there and by the time the bottle is gone you will be a heavy weight like an elephant or any beastly creature you want to be ok so dont listen to all these fools here cause you do what you want to do ok no matter how old you are cause I let my 6 year son drink when I drink iM only trying to get him ready for the college frat parties cause I refuse to let my son be laughed at by the guys. you know what I mean

Answer #8

Christ you guys are really anti alcohol aren’t you? Stop scaremongering people.

She obviously doesn’t want to become a 3 whiskey bottle heavy weight alcho, just enough so she can have a few drinks with her mates and not fall flat in her face after a sip.

I don’t really know but some suggestions are just to have a good meal before going out to drink, having an empty stomach makes the alcohol hit your head quicker Don’t drink so much alchopops the suger in those can make you sick. Don’t mix certain drinks wine and beer don’t really go well, at least for me they don’t. Drink slow, or at least try not to chug down pints or take shot after shot in quick succession.

Try not to drink to get drunk but hey everyone is young once and will want to try, most of us quickly learn not to though ha ha.

Answer #9

Ok seriously being a heavyweight is really not fun! While all your mates are completely out of their heads and having the time of their life you have to be the responsible one even though you’ve drunk two times more then them! Being a lightweight is so much cheaper and more fun the only good thing about not being one is you get to watch everyone making a fool of themselves! My dad can drink 3 bottles of 40% whisky and I mean full sized bottles and nothing will happen…HOW IS THAT GOOD!?

Answer #10

Best way is to drink very slow and eat plenty of oily food before hand. If you can eat something while you drink that will also help. Sticking to one type of drink helps. Stay away from wine and shots at all cost.

this should help… although most people are lightweights because they drink infrequently,

You don’t want to be a heavy weight but drinking responsibly is the best way to last the night.

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