How can I help my boyfriend quit doing drugs?

ok well my boyfriend asked me if I can help him quit dong drugs and I agreed but to be honest I dont noe how to help him and I really need help . His family found out bout the drugs and stuff and they told him they will send him to juvi and hes scared sooo … can anyone give me any advice for me to help him?

Answer #1

Seek medical help. If his family can’t afford rehab, at least he can get take meds that will chemically treat the addiction.

Answer #2

fairytale is right. Without professional help, relapse is pretty much guaranteed. Now, if that is just completely out of the question, NA and AA is your next best bet. It is not recommended for teens. If he really wants to get better, he’s going to need professional help.

Answer #3

how old are you people??? are you in like high school because then you can get in SERIOUS trouble for that kinda stufff

Answer #4

He can just ask you for your SUPPORT but HELP must come from a professionnal. Know that he’s taking high risks with that kind of products. Dealing with HIS problems alone might destroy you as well because:

  1. you’re involved in a relationship with him and it’s emotionnaly hard
  2. you are not aware of the real risks, of the appropriate reactions/treatments etc.

Offer him all the support you can, but if he’s asking for real help, make him go and see a professionnal (doctor, hospital etc)

Answer #5

my brother had the same issue, he kept it as a secret for 1 year! we had no idea. it is a huge decision he made, you should be supportive. and get professional help. because I know that without profesional help the process will end as a unseccesfull attemp. 72 hours is an important issue. he may get into many crisis. (depending on which drugs he uses). the doctor will tell you the right treatment. you may search the web about how to deal with drugs. good luck. =) and about my brother he is cleannow for 3 years. and alcohol is the enemy. after quitting he will probably want drinking. dont worry the doc’s told us that it is a good thing. which is showing that he will never return to the drugs.

Answer #6

First, which kind of drugs are they?

Answer #7

try to make him get addicted to you and not the drugs

Answer #8


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