how can I go to a school where ereryone hates me?

ok… so when I was in like… elementry school, I had no friends. everyone called me fat and ugly and an alien and made fun of me because I was tall and no one really cared about how I would feel about it. my mom tried once, then never did again. then, in 6th grade, our school mixed with the other elementary fifth graders and so there were a lot of people. they called me a gorilla and whenever I was walking to lunch, they said “feeding time at the zoo” and “gorilla on the loose” and I couldnt do anything about it because everyone called me that. even the people who I thought were my best friends did, thinking it was just a joke… and it continued in 7th grade. the principal gave them detentions when he found out about it and it stopped (from what I know). but now, im in 8th grade and people talk about me behind my back and my parents think im just trying to get pity.. I just want people to leave me be, but they still bother me. I still cry about things people did to me. and I have to go to high school with them. I tried to get my parents to put me in another school, but they refuse. and things are just gonna get worse. I have no any I really trust, and I really need help. oh, and they also say I smell, when I take showers every day.

Answer #1

I know how you feel. when at scholl I may have had like 3 friends who were actually my friends but everyone looked down on me and bullyed me just because im ugly. one day though I lost it and hit this girl, who I have to say was even uglier than me, straight across her face and she ran off crying but I got into trouble for it even though everyone knew how badly she treated me. things get harder when your a teen though because no matter what you wanna fit in and go out with mates and a boyfriend and stuff. well there is people out there who love you for who you are not just your family. and those selfish cows only make fun because deep down they’re jealous. they are jealous because all they have is popularity. it may seem the best thing at the time but if you got intelligence and independence you will go far in life they won’t.

Answer #2

dont let it get to you its not worth it people are going to say what they want no matter what you do but the good thing is your not alone kids like to pick a victim to make them selves feel better if you ignore it and tell them straight up that you dont care and walk in school with your head up it wont b fun for them no more trust me I’ve been through it they are just immiture and im sorry to say they probly will always be that way but soon they will forget about you and in highschool theirs so many people that they wont even remember you hope that helpps and if you wanna talk im here im a female and 17 I’ve been through it all and even the most popular and most critizing are now wanting to be my friend because I didnt listen and no fighting isnt the answer I’ve never fought

Answer #3

wow those answers are really long. I used to get picked on in elementary school but it stopped in middle school because I started to stand up for myself, I had confidence and all. what helped the most is I was playing sports and was damn good at every sport and everything stopped. you should start playing sports if your not already. if you are and suck get better. you just need to focus with that. then just gain some condfidence. high school will be better for you

Answer #4

Aw, I hate bullies, it used to be like that for me, but luckily it’s stopped. You may not even smell but in the mornings as well as a shower, you could put rollon deodorant on, then spray, so it’s double protection (it seems to work for me). Try and ignore them, then they may not bother, this used to happen to my best friend, I told her to ignore them, and they stopped, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I know it’s hard, but just keep strong. I don’t know what high school is like there, but by the time your there you will probably make great new friends, and then they’ll leave you alone. You know, half the famous people were bullied when they were younger, and look where they are now, because the bullying made them a stronger person. The bullies are just hardcore losers lol. You just gotta live through the tough times, but don’t let anyone know it’s upsetting you. Good luck x

Answer #5

I know exactly how you feel. I was the outcast thruout elementary school and middle school. people said horrible things about me that resemble the comments the people in your school tell you. im in high school now myself and these people all went to school with me in middle school but I’ve managed to get around it. I never thought that id make the kinds of friends I have now but I did because I finally realized that the comments that people said were only words of hate because I was different. I am unique and dont follow the trend of clothing that everyone has. I have a good head on my shoulders and dont do crazy stuff like the rest of them. im sure that you dont either. let these comments bounce off u. high school will be different and poeple wil be more mature and friendly. ull love it if you just remember to ignore these foolish people and go on doing what you like to do. let time take its course and ull see that everything will settle into place eventually. good luck ;) ~spgirl13~

Answer #6

I know how you feel. I went through the same thing when I was in middle school and still a lot in high school. You just have to stick it out. Just be yourself. I know it doesn’t sound that great but high school is just a small piece of your life. After you leave high school you will be able to find people who understand you better. My last bit of advice to you is to just be yourself and try to have fun. Don’t worry things should get better.

Answer #7

it should have been stopped a long time ago. treating you the way they do is a form of bullying. they’ve put you through a lot of pain, I’d go to the school board. and if they dont do anything about it, sue their azzes off!!! This is so so wrong, and no one should put up with it. and ya know, you might get a nice chuck of money out of this is real lame.

Answer #8

Hey You! :)

I just had to answer your question…I only signed up to get involved in some forum and browsing, I ran into your post and after reading it, it only made me FURIOUS!!!

First and foremost, I know it’s hard waking up in the morning to go to school “knowing” that you’ll be ridiculed. This isn’t what you bargained for, right?!?! Well, needless to say, kids are mean. Not all, but it’s unfortunate that there’s quite a few out there that think it’s “COOL” to be mean or even be a follower to the one who initiated being mean to you in the first place.

My advice, SCREW them! People who are cruel to others only do it because it makes them feel better about themselves. A rule of thumb which you probably already know is that ‘nobody is perfect’. However, it’s sad that some folks just aren’t as smart as you and I to know that. They live in some weird world where they feel that the only way to be cool and lucky to hang around them is to actually be like them. Ha x3!!! …be like them, really? You don’t need to be like ANYBODY but yourself! :)

You’re young and go to Jr. High or High School (not sure where you live) so it may be pretty hard to see this, but being different is ALWAYS better! When a certain trend is out like wearing your shoes on the wrong foot, why follow? If anything, the important thing to be is to be a leader. Also, did you ever consider other folks at school other than those who are mean to you?

For instance, I go to college and in my classes, I talk to EVERYONE. One day, a classmate of mine who’s in a wheelchair was waiting quietly and patiently at the bottom of the ramp. I asked him, “did you need something?” Even though I should’ve just minded my own business like the rest of the class did, but that’s not me. I’m different.

He said, “No, I’m just waiting on the Professor because I need help getting up the ramp”. So what I did was, I asked around for one of the guys to push him up. I didn’t care if it wasn’t my problem, I cared about helping him.

You see, you don’t always have to be a “friend” to everyone. Just be a good person and good things always happen to good people. I’m sure that you’re a GREAT person. :) Funny, smart, what else? I’m sure you know all your qualities!!!

If they say you smell, ask them “…then why do you keep trying to smell me? You must like the way I smell then!” I love to laugh and if it takes to bounce back with a joke, so be it. Does that make sense?

…and as far as your parents, think about it this way. Let’s thank them for keeping you at the school because this is only one of many challenges you’ll face in life. Perhaps you may face this when you start working in an office or something. At least it won’t be new to you and you’ll know exactly how to handle it.

Hope everything turns out well for you going forward! Take care!

Answer #9

I went throught the same thing in life. I know how you feel. people use to call me king kong. I use to cry and I still do. its my frist year of high school and I just stop taking shit from people. I tell them to meet me after school so I can fuck them up. I fucked this one girl up so bad…now she respects me. im not saying you should fight or anything. once you get in high school people change.a lot of kids became my friends and the other ones just forgot about me. dont worry about stupid people…they going to hell anywas

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