How can i get rid of student loan?

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Well, your next question asked about consolidation, so I'm guessing you already know the answer to this...

Consolidate Student Loan Debt:

Most lenders are more than willing to loan you the money that you need to pay for business school. Unfortunately, your loan may carry a high interest rate, especially if you had no credit or less than perfect credit at the time you took out the loan. If you have multiple loans, this can be a huge problem. By consolidating your student loan debt, you can get a better interest rate and lower your monthly payments. You will also have the convenience of making only one payment each month instead of several.

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In the U.S. you can either pay it off or you can try to get a judge to declare you insane and say you'll never be able to repay the loan. More than likely you're just stuck with it for about 30 years

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Dear yadav,
Here is Canada student loans carry lower interest than any other and they do not recommend to consolidate. In Canada they will never forgive a student will not be removed if you claim bankruptcy. If you are in financial difficulty they will forgive the interest for a period of time. Some people refuse to pay their loan and when they go to purchase something such as a home or large item requiring a credit check they soon find out the reality of it all...unless you pay it, it will forever haunt you. I've been paying mine for 10 years and still have several years to can be the price you pay for a good education.
Sue...good luck

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you pay it off, make the payments, or get your wages garnished

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To get rid of federal student loans you can consolidate, get on an income-driven repayment plan and then get loan forgiveness. Here are an infographic and screenshots that explain the entire process step-by-step!

How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness Free Help (Infographic)
Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness (Trump and Public Service Forgiveness Included) ·
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