How can I get rid of a pimple in one day?

How can I get rid of a pimple in one day?

Answer #1

proactve sucjz

Answer #2

put honey on your nose than put a band aid over it and it will go away in 3-4 days if you keep donig it

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Answer #4

Actually use Alloe in a bottle and it helps make red blemishes fad in a few hours…

Answer #5

noo you morons . how do we get help with this situation WITHOUT going out to buy some 40 dollar thing for only 1 day ? I need help too but that wont work . I want it gone now ! loll any better options ?

Answer #6

soap and warm water, hold it there till you see the puss coming out.

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Answer #8

Be coool… and try to keep you r mind tension free. When you r mind is free you r face will be bright.

Answer #9

everybody has different skin . proactive might or might not work for some people so stop suggesting it ! hje/she wants something thatll help now ! not in like 12 days .. I think .. lol I have the same problem too but noone helps when they say proactive because im not going to buy out and buy something for 40 dollars for one stupid pimple that’ll end up leaving in a week . thats stupid . she wants it to leave faster than normal . soo people say lemon juice works . I tried it and it helped heal faster and now its barely there . but ill just have to wait till 2mro to get rid of the whole thing . you should try it .

Answer #10

proactive sooooooo does work!!!!

Answer #11

I know for a fact that proactive works, but only for some people… others it makes them break out worse, but slowly starts to clear up.

As for me I used to look almost like a pizza face, but soem of them were freckles. What I did with those pimples and horrid zits were, I just cleaned my face extra good. And at my local general dollar, I found this soap. It works incredibly fast, and smells oh so good. It isn’t like all soaps, it’s made out of just oils. But It really works…

Before that I used to use a face scrub called Biore. It worked, but my skin became immune to it, so now I go every other day between the soap and biore. My skin is healthy looking and It makes me feel spectacular!

Answer #12

POPPING does work,,, just do it tha right way. wash hands, wrap 2 poker fingers in tissue, apply pressure around the edges… I f it dont work… leave it alone!!!

Answer #13

proactive works on some people ! its called different skin types … just take your mind off it no one will notice it as much as you think they will

Answer #14

Clearasil works for me. My face starts to clear up in a dsy. By the third day, my face is pimple free.

Answer #15

wait until the pimple is white at the top the eather pop it because it wont leave a mark if its ready to come out or pik at it thats what I do and my face is a s clear as day adn I never washes or do nothin to my face so yep I would listen to me but if its a big one and theres no puss at the top the eather use toothpast or washe your face daily and maby apply some rubnalichol to your face because my friend told me it worked really good and it does!!!

Answer #16

I know what it’s like to have pimples. My way of getting rid of a pimple in one day is to take a bar of soap, rub some soap over the pimple, then let it there to dry. You can keep the soap on as long as you want. wash your face before you go to bed at night or take soap, put it on your face to dry and when you wake up, wash the dried soap away and you will see that the pimple is no longer there!

Answer #17

okay pro active worked for me for a couple months and then stopped working, right now im using neutrogena and it doesnt work the best but it’s alright. somebody help me! I want all my acne to go away before school starts.

Answer #18

for my acne I use a brand called lush, they are an all natural/organic/vegan cosmetics brand. they have different types of treatments for every skin tone and they work great on me! I would have to recomend there Dark Angels, Fresh Farmacy, Coalface, Sweet Japanese Girl, and Herbalism for cleaners; as for face masks, I recomend Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake. but what I do for clear skin is cleanse my face with any of the above cleansers, then use their Tea Tree Water toner, and then for those pesky little spots I use their new spot treatment, Grease Lightning. I hope this helps. Funmail me if you have anymore questions.

oh and go to if you want to know more about their products. =] peace.

Answer #19

to iwishihadacne123 WTF why it is discusting eww

Answer #20

POP it and put any washing on your face for 20 minutes take it off and you will see a difference and toothpace works to I tried

Answer #21

I wouldnt know if Proactive works, but im sure it does on account of these people sayin it does. My advice is to not worry or stress. Stressing causes pimples so chill out and relax. DO NOT POP IT! Use clean and clear. I use it. I hardly ever get pimples so, try it out.

Answer #22

I know what it’s like to have pimples. My way of getting rid of a pimple in one day is to take a bar of soap, rub some soap over the pimple, then let it there to dry. You can keep the soap on as long as you want. wash your face before you go to bed at night or take soap, put it on your face to dry and when you wake up, wash the dried soap away and you will see that the pimple is no longer there!

Answer #23

clean and clear proactive things liek that

Answer #24

Lemon and cinamin im not the best speller but you know what I mean. any who mix lemon juice and the cinamin together I suggest to only put it on the blemish it will burn but beauty is not pleasure until your skin is beautiful soo deal with it. put in on before you go to bed and in the morning wash off with cold or warm water, it works its amazing. but what ever you do DO NOT USE SOAP ITS TERRIBLE FOR YOUR SKIN…

Answer #25

Put honey on a bandaid, and put the bandaid over your pimple. Go to bed. In the morning, get a hot, soapy (preferably antibacterial) washcloth and hold it over the pimple for two minutes. Then put your hands on either side of the pimple and pull away from it. If it all doesn’t come out then, repeat the washcloth part until it does.

I did it, works great!

Answer #26

Princess1992 is right!!!

Answer #27

Proactive didn’t work for my face but I know how you feel cause I have these horrible pimples right inbetween my eyebrows and now I’m putting betamethasone cream ont these suckers but my mistake was popping them!! so please don’t do it unless it has that nasty white stuff in the center. umm I guess you can use like toothpaste or even you can have your doctor perscribe you something like cleocin t it works wonders!!

Answer #28

use clean and clear but I do this … go to the bathroom put water on your face then put on conditinor then put on babby wash and keep it on for 20 mins. then wash it off they are gone!!! if it dosent work use toothpast or clean and clear

Answer #29

I have a huge pimple by my nose and I popped it!, is that bad?!? it hurts so much and I tried cleaning my face but it never goes away..I don’t knoe what to do! please help! I have a date in 2 days and I haven’t been out for a week how gross my pimple is!!

Answer #30

okay, proactive doesnt work on lots of people, but I think it depends on who it works on, but one of my ways is that yu put honey on yur pimple(s) then put a bandaid over it(: for me it works overnight, but for some people it may take a couple of days.

Answer #31

You can try to put toothpaste on it, but it dries out your skin a little.

If you decide to put toothpaste on it put on a thin layer,(white toothpaste, not the gel kind and try not to use the mint because it stings.) and leave it on over night, when you wake up wash the tooth paste off and it should be gone.

Some times it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t.

But whatever you do, do NOT pop it, it’ll leave a disgusting scar and it’ll be even worse than a pimple. By the way. it does sting a little, but it’s not unbearable. If you have sensitive skin it’ll sting a little though.

It depends on different skin types. it works for some people and it doesn’t for others. well, good luck!

Answer #32

I really don’t have pimples; but when I get one they’re always like sooo hard to get rid of. It’s like mainly on the forehead. They’re always really stiff and wide. It’s sooo aggravating! But proactiv does not seem to work as good as they say. I think Neutrogena works better. It has sasylic acid which works great. It also softens and reduces redness; I could tell right after I put it on that it softens! Toothpaste dries up skin a lot! Don’t pop it at all, it leaves ugly scars. I heard that baking soda and a bit of water, to make a paste, works good and it’s hydrating somwhat.

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