How can i get rid of a brown discharge coming out of my vagina?

Well, its like a stain that comes out of me and gets on my panties. I do wash though and wash my clothes. A while back I was using a baby detergent. It comes in a white jug with pink and blue writing on the front. You get it from any grocery store. But, it got to the point everyone was using it. Put I needed it for me!.

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I don't understand what the detergent has to do with it? It you need more detergent just tell whoever has been using it that it was yours and since it is run out, you need to buy a new bottle so could they chip in a bit towards the cost?

I assume when you say you want to get ri of the discharge, you mean off of your clothes, The best bet is to take preventative action, rather than deal with it once on your clothes. Pantliners (bodyform, always, tmpaz and many well known feminine hygiene brands do them) are basically thin pads which stick in your underwear for everyday use. You just remove it and throw it away once you take your underwear off for bed. It is like the towel you would use when on your period, only thinner and you can barely feel it there. Have a look near the pads and tampons in your local drugstore, they will be somewhere around that area. If you use those, your underwear will not come into contact with your discharge to start with.

As long as you are washing regularly then there is nothing to worry about, disscharge is normal. Do you normally only get a brown color when you are about to come onto/ finish your period?

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