How can I get my password?

I changed my password for my hotmail account and I cant login and get it. When I try to get it sent to an alternate email it sends it to that email account (the one I cant get into) so how do I get my password?

Answer #1

lol man hey did you paste like 2 emails address to that email if you do just press that thing that lost password and I think it will show you wich email do you want it to send you and just press the secone email that you know the password

Answer #2

I forgot my sceret answer for my password on windows what do I do?

Answer #3

I’ve tried that it kept saying that the information was wrong so it didnt work

Answer #4

I found this on the hotmail help page

To reset your password by providing location information and the answer to your secret question: On any Windows Live website or service sign-in page, click Forgot your password. Enter your Windows Live ID, type the characters you see in the Picture box, and then click Continue. Click Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity. In the Country/Region list, select the name of your country or region , select your state, and then type your ZIP code ( The postal code system that is used in the United States. The ZIP code consists of a series of digits that are added to a postal address. The ZIP code is used to identify each postal delivery area for the purpose of sorting mail.) or postal code ( A series of letters and/or digits that are added to a postal address and used by the postal service for the purpose of sorting mail.) if you’re prompted to do so. In the Question area in the Secret Answer box, type your answer to the question. Click Continue. Enter and confirm a new password, and then click Continue. If prompted, enter an alternate e-mail address (An alternate e-mail address is a secondary e-mail address registered with your Windows Live credentials. In the event that you forget your password, you can request to have the password reset information sent to your alternate e-mail address) and click Continue or click Skip to bypass this step. On the You’ve changed your password page, click Sign in to Windows Live.

Answer #5

You cant . unless , you look for keyloggers or some sh!t on the internet . back in the day I would always hack peoples myspaces , so thats how I know :D

Answer #6
  1. Restart your machine tap the f8 key while its rebooting and a black screen will come up asking how you want to start the computer.
  2. Choose start in safe mode
  3. Hopefully you will see an account called “Administrator” (you wouldn’t see it when you load windows normally).
  4. Depending on who set your computer up, the admin account is often not password protected so click and log in
  5. One your in, go to the control panel (Start Menu -> Control Panel) and click “Users and Accounts”
  6. From here you can change or remove your password for the other account. Once you have restart the computer normally and login with your actual account!

However if you do not see the Admin account you will need to try the Windows Password Unlocker to do some windows password recovery.

Answer #7

A few days ago, I have a got a password protected MS word file form Internet. I tried to contact the webmast for the password but arrived at no result. However, I got anotherWord Password Unlocker software, namedWord Password Unlocker, which help to recover word password, so I can view and modify the MS word content!

Answer #8

Try rebooting in safe mode as administrator (hold down F8). Else put a second disk in another PC and run some password reset utility like Windows Password Recovery.

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