How can I get Lugia in Soul Silver?

Alright, so I got Soul Silver a while ago, and I got the 8th badge last night so I’m currently trying to caputre Lugia. I get him down to practically no health and then I just start throwing Ultra Balls (I’m saving my Master Ball for Entei/Raikou) at him yet he always breaks out way too quickly. None of my pokemon know Hypnosis or anything like that, but due to how easily he breaks out with that much health, I don’t think it would matter.

I’m just wondering if there is anything I could do to make this any easier. None of Kurts Pokeballs can really help with Lugia and there isn’t anything inbetween Ultra and Master. Help?

Answer #1

the easiest way of course is the master ball, but if you want to save it id suggest either an ultra ball or dusk ball, I caught lugia with an ultra ball, but only after making its energy as low as possible first then putting it so sleep, an easier way would have been using a dusk ball, it works better for pokemon in caves or at night, so if you wait till night a dusk ball will work twice as good, I caught ho-oh and suicune by doing that

Answer #2

Man, a wish I could do that. I ended up buying a hundred ultra balls because at first I kept running out and everything else doesn’t work too well (Love and Lure and stuff). So now I don’t run out and I just keep throwing balls at it until he knocks out all my pokemon which he is sure to do sooner or later.

I am thinking this would all be so much easier if I just had a Haunter with Hypnosis. I am sure I could get one easily, however I don’t want to train it all the way up to my level because it’ll get knocked out too fast so I need it to use Hypnosis first. Anyway I can do that? I have the Quick Claw but I have that on my Graveler so he can use Explosion (which really helps in weakening it).

Answer #3

I would suggest that, if you want him enough, use your master ball. Or, you can try and find a new pokemon with hypnosis.

Remember, this is -supposed- to be difficult. You’re s’posed to try and try and try. That’s all I can suggest.

Answer #4

Pokemon like Healballs. Try that. ololol

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