How can i get her wet.

how can I get my girl friend wet without fingering her or anything like that?

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First off, fingering a girl isn't what gets her wet. Hopefully, your girlfriend is wet BEFORE you finger her, otherwise you are probably hurting her unless your fingers are needle thin.

Different girls like different things. She could get wet from you kissing her neck, or giving her a foot massage. This is where communication plays an important role. Ask her what she likes.

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Well he said without fingering so he's not asking how to finger her.
so all you do is foreplay, start by french kissing and then kissing her neck and caressing her body and breast if you can. you can rub her pssy but just on top of her pants as in don't get your hand inside her pants yet, after a while you can get it inside and rub with the panties then you can go inside the panties and rub her clit in circles and such (if you don't know where's the clit, maybe putting vagina in google images will help, it will show where is it), soo you can keep doing that continuously, all that will obviously make her wet.

How to make a girl wet?
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trying sucking her hard nipples.....this shows her horniness and will sumtimes make her wet

How to make her more wet?
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Start by kissing then kiss her neck and rub the outside of her pants. Things like that will work.

How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?

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