How can i finger myself and still virgin?

Am an 18 years old, I want to finger myself without losing my virginity, is that possible? Also can I do it in my a** ?

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do you know how can I make my p*** smill nice?

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The only to lose it is by haveing sex.

If you're a virgin can you finger yourself?
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youll only lose your virginity is you have sex with a male or female...

not from masterbation ;)

Fingering- virginity
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you will not lose your virginity if you finger yourself
just rub your clit and when you ate wet stick 1 or 2 fingers in your vagina
yes you can do it to your a**
put your finger up there and wiggle it about to find the g-spot!!
it feels great and yue get a fantastic orgasm!!

also use a shower head or water flow while your in the bath to stimulate your clit!!

If you get fingered, do you lose your virginity?

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