how can I find a virus myself and remove it manually?

My computer has picked up a virus!! I can run spy sweeper webroot, but it wont let me run norton antivirus! When I click on it, it very seldom comes up. When it does, a link pops up that asks me if I want to stop scanning. I click NO and then everything just disappears! So it wont let me scan for viruses. I need to know how to get into my computer and find the virus, so I can remove it myself!

Any solid advice is greatly appreciated! ASAP!!!

Answer #1

Starting Over: Repartitioning, Reformatting and Reinstalling

By Bob O'Donnell

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you first turn on a new computer and begin to use your unspoiled machine. Except in very rare occasions, it’s one of the few times you can be virtually guaranteed that everything will work, that the software already installed on the hard disk won’t crash and that you can get something useful done. Of course, this technological honeymoon never lasts terribly long, because you invariably install some new software, add new hardware, make some configuration changes or do something that—though it should work fine—eventually leads you down the slippery slope of seemingly inevitable PC problems.

The desire to recreate that "fresh" feeling often leads people to start over with their computers by reformatting their hard drive(s) and reinstalling their applications from scratch. In fact, I’ve heard of several people who do this on a semi-yearly or even more frequent basis as a regular form of system maintenance. In addition, many computers now come with special boot floppy disks and installation CDs that are specifically designed to bring your system back to its pristine, shipped-from-the-factory state.

Another reason for pursuing this strategy is that no matter how hard you may try, there are times when your system reaches a point where it’s simply not worth expending any additional effort trying to figure out why programs keep crashing or other strange problems keep occurring. I know that dedicated PC troubleshooters never want to give up, but one of the hardest lessons you can learn is that sometimes it really is better to start over.

Now, I wouldn’t throw in the towel too quickly because starting from scratch is a fairly time- and effort-intensive project. But if you’ve tried the techniques I describe in the "PC Hardware Troubleshooting Tips," "PC Software Troubleshooting Tips," and "PC Startup Troubleshooting Tips," articles and have still been suffering through several difficult days, weeks or, God forbid, months of problems that just don’t seem to get any better, then you’re a good candidate for a fresh start.
Answer #2

I would suggest that you reformat your hard drive. Reformatting your hard drive will erase everything off your computer, and then you can reinstall everything you have now. To reformat, simply take a Windows XP, or the reinstall CDs that came with your computer, and place them in the CD drive. Then you need to reach the BIOS of your computer by pressing one of the “F” keys. (It is different on each computer) Order the startup to start the CD drive first, and restart your computer. As it starts up, it will ask if you want to boot from you CD, and you press any key. Then just read what it tells you and you can easily reinstall Windows XP, but make sure you delete the previous version by deleting the partition and then creating a new one. After Windows is reinstalled, you can start reinstalling each of your programs that you want, including Norton AntiVirus. I hope this has helped.

Answer #3

One very good virus protector you can use & it has a free housecall download you can use is: The space center here in Florida uses its Security Programs & I use both. Have had terrible trojan viruses & lost my hard-drive awhile back. Have been using it for several years & have had great success. Norton only screwed up my computer worse than it was to begin with. Hope it helps. They upgrade the new free housecall every year or two & has been a wonderful tool. Gets rid of cookie problems, viruses and other things going on with your pc. Hope it helps in the future.

Answer #4

I have guy that works on my pc’s.I asked him about your’s.He said u can call him.Name is Ken-318-364-8465………………..

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