How can I dress scene?

I want to dress scene, but I dont want to make it look like I’m trying to hard.. I want to kind of do it in moderation? like slowly make it my style? how do I start/what do I wear?

Answer #1

So because I’ve been wearing chuck taylors since the time I was ten years old, I have a crappy new label? Lame. Chuck taylors are not punk, they aren’t scene. Wearing them doesn’t all of the sudden make you cool. Sadly, I used to get called a nerd for wearing mine. Now it’s cool though so I feel a whole lot safer wearing them!!! (sarcasim). More like I’m more afraid some new moron is going to come up to me and discuss their favorite shtty as band that I’m more then sure I think sucks.. Just because I sport chucks and skinny jeans doesn’t make me anything like anyone. Don’t try to relate to me, thanks.

Labels are just another tool for people to judge.

For the comments to those who say “scene” is dressing how you want when you want, then I guess every label is “scene” then huh smarta*s?

Two, anyone who actually wants to put a label on themselves other then “Human” is a tool.

Answer #2

its all about the confidence. knowing/thinking your perfect is what starts it all off. then theres the music portion and clothes portion. probably the most famous scene band is bmth for people who dont understand Bring Me The Horizan. Oli Syke is an icon. band shirts are your friends, zip up hoodies dont mess up your rad teased hair so wear them. haha yeah and always drink vitamin water, sorry if I sound fake but I’m just about telling you everything I do, because as many people have called me scene even though I dont label.

Answer #3

well I am scene ( : as you can see

juststart by getting into my msic then jewlery then clothes but not too much at one time then for a while get more into it and make up a name for the internet ask me and il help you make it scene

funmail me for any questions or anything


Answer #4

‘Scene’ to me is someone who is slightly eccentric in their style, but still bases it on current fashion. For example, you could take a popular make-up style and add some bright eyeshadow and fake eyelashes. Scene is also more of an attitude which is pulled of mainly in crazily pretty photographs and having an extensive myspace/bebo account. I know its bad to stereotype and is something that shouldnt happen, but lets face it, it does. But please, please, please dont try to be something your not??? please?? You get so many wannabe scene/emo/punk kids, and they all just walk off with the label ‘Grom’ smacked across their foreheads. Hope I helped xxx<3

Answer #5

Like some others have said, ignore those who put your idea down. Scene IS a style, and its fun to switch styles up and try something new instead of sheltering yourself one way for all eternity, lol.. but yea as some have said

bandanas big thing, if you want a specific style I’ve seen, try matching bandana with flipflops rofl, its great, I saw someone with a bright yellow bandana and bright yellow flip flops =]

most importantly, have fun with it, and like some said be careful not to overkill haha

Answer #6

samalam, Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Why would you want a label? Labels hurt people, they really do. Yeah people have different styles, they just dress how they want. Be yourself - you weren’t born a copy. Dress how you want, wear your make-up how you want. Not how others do. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #7

u can be scene if you want to be! it doesnt define who you r it is your style choice! wear bright eye shadows like greens and bright nail polish! the kid befor eis just a loser = midnightfairy13! hahaha!

Answer #8

Well, I agree that they don’t have ‘specific clothes’ but you can make it your own style and still manage to look scene. Yes, the eyeliner, the eyeliner the eyeliner. The style works best with black paired with some bright, day glo colors I guess. So try anything.

Answer #9

scene kids don’t have specific clothes, they dress how they want when they want. there is no set rule book on HOW TO BE SCENE, you either are or you aren’t. you shouldn’t try to be something you’re obviously not, you’ll just end up looking silly, and TRUST ME everyone will be able to see through it.

Answer #10

they usually have awsome teased hair w/ lil’ bows(so awsome) also,they wear skinny jeans,they can be ripped w/ tights under. also,they like 2 wear neon colored jeans and all that cool stuff. they wear lots and lots of makeup.

oh, and by the way scenes arent wannabe emo’s,if they were,they would b all depressed and stuff. but most scenes are the happiest people on earth and theyre hella confident. So 4 all those peeps that think theyre wannabe’s, dont be talking shiz!!!

Answer #11

some typical scene style clothes are:

  1. skinny jeans
  2. chucks
  3. ballet flats
  4. local band tees
  5. hair bows
  6. vintage tees (I.e. teenage mutant ninja turtles)
  7. bandanas
  8. white pyramid belts
  9. animal print tote bag
  10. hello kitty, skull, or bat necklaces

make sure you don’t over do it. if you don’t want to risk being called a poser don’t go to school one day wearing everything ‘scene’. start out slow and wear a few key pieces like skinny jeans and flats and work your way up from there. good luck.

Answer #12

I’m a ‘Female’. Guess that makes me a tool for labeling my self. Darn. But I agree I was looking this up and-hey guess what?! The effed up chuck’s I’ve had since 6th grade are in now! …whoopee. I’m getting fake ones now. Besides the fake ones come without the sweatshop labour. :D Whoot whoot <3

Answer #13

Are Scene Kids nice? are they depressed or happy??? Please tell me!!

Answer #14

what the f*ck im scene and I don’t always dress in black I wear black but like I wear pink and yellow and red and blue and green bright neon colors… emo people wear black w/ is wrong with some you people… -a l y

Answer #15

Well you should almost always layer your clothes. Wear bright and colourful patterns, to make you stand out. And for makeup go for nice bright colours that will suit your clothes, and also wear some black eye liner.

Answer #16

go to and look up scene.. or look on youtube-how to be scene

Answer #17

true say

any specific clothes?

Answer #18

stop trying to look scene stupid poser!

Answer #19

no offense, but scene kids are just stupid, rich, versions of emos.

but if you really want to look ‘scene’ wear lots of black paired with stupid obnoxious bright colours and an inch thick of eyeliner and stupid obnoxiously bright eyeshadow…if your a girl.

Answer #20

ooohhh my goddd yess I am a LOSER for pointing out that SCENE KIDS SUCK AND ARE TOTAL FAKE want to BE LOSERS. :)

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