How can I detoxify my hair to pass drug test?

Was out partying with old friends get together for week-end and yeah I know about the told ya sooo’s and what not people make mistakes and I did but now I need advice …Thanxs so anyhow out for the week-end with girlfriends and voila you know partied and dabbled a bit well a random hair folicle drug test came up and now im in a pickle and need to home remedy detox my hair any advice appreciated and trust me lesson learned thanxs…

Answer #1

Templatepro’s solution there won’t work, but I’d find it very amusing if you went through all of that only to fail the test anyway.

Is anyone else surprised at the number of “OH GOD HELP ME PASS DRUG TEST” questions?

Answer #2

Well… Break out the duct tape.. JK

   1. Detox bath. Fill up the bath tub and add
      1 cup sea salt
      1 cup Apple cider vinegar
      2 cups of baking soda
      Lie down in the tub and let your hair swish around.
   2. Wash your hair in a paste of shampoo and baking soda
   3. Wash your hair in a paste of shampoo and purifying clay mask

And this better be “lesson learned” :) I can’t guarantee it will work but it’s at least worth a shot.

Answer #3

you cant and it will show all of your drug and alcolhol history. but your more likely to be pee tested and that is only showes whats in your system drink lots of cranberry juice and pray it gets out of your system and that they do a pee test or your kinda screwed. sorry

Answer #4

You can’t detox your hair. Hair follicle testing is extremely accurate and there is no way you’ll get past this one. Good opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Answer #5

get over it. learn to deal. maybe you will be smarter next time.

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