How can i convince my mom to let my friend sleep over?

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say mom please I really want to have a sleepover please and make sure you cry!

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light sfuff on fire!!!

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UM First of all why cant they sleep over? do your parents hate them or something?
what ever you do dont cry they hate that

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Ask really nicely.If they say no,try to tell them the good reasons why they should sleep over.Then promise to do something for them (ex:buy them their favorite candy,make their favorite dinner,give them a spa day,Bring them a coffee,wash the dishes,or take out the garbage). So,stuff like that might persuade them.

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Be like mom my friend was wondering if he or she can come over. and she says no back off. then about 2 hours later do something around the house and then ask. it always helps with me. hope this helps.

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just say that you and your friend won't be annoying, you will stay quiet the whole time.
and that you will do loads of chores and cleaning up for a whole week !!
hope that helps xx

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say that you wud really like some time to socialize with your friends because school has got you stressed, or just come right out and ask! :) good luck

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I usually clean my room and pick a few others to scrub down. She gets so happy so then I ask. She usually said yes. That was when I was younger though. I'm 19 now and live somewhere else so now I enjoy the freedom.

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tell your mom that your friend is really hoping that she could come over or tell her that nobbody could wacth her and clean up the house beofre good luck

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dont cry or they wont let you do it when thy ask you 2 do something do it dont pout its not worth it hope this helps xoxox

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It usually should be really easy. Unless your parents are super-strict, they should give in. As others have said, do a couple extra chores for a few days before asking (to make it seem like you didn't just do it right before to suck up, even though they might know!). Tell them your plans, that you won't sneak out, you'll go to bed (relatively) early, and you won't keep them up. If you plan on staying up until 2 am, this won't work! Just make sure you are well-behaved for a couple of weeks before and don't fight with your siblings.

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Say Yoou Dont Mind If They Cant... And Say You Wil Do Cleaning And Stuff And Most Of All Teel Her You Love Her( Your Mum) LOADS! Hoope i helped<3

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