How can i convince my mom to let me buy this bra?

I saw this bra
That I really want
Because its pushup
But my mom wont let me buy it
Because im only thirteen
I want it because im only a 32a
How do I convince her to let me get it?

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hey im a month of 14 and I am sooo flat! its sooo embarresing! all these people make fun off me because of my flat chest and like I dont want to ask my mum becoz she will like laugh at me ! anyways I am soo underdeveloped in so many ways for almost 14! like I havent even got my period is it because im short??? Help!

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im 13, my friend bought me a push-up bra for christmas

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I wish I didn't need a bra... Boobs suck. they cause back problems. and... they put my arm tosleep when I lay on my side. and and and and... I have a hard time finding shirts that fit >.<

How can I get my Mom to buy me a bra?
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your 13
you have only just BEGUN to go through puberty
boobs dont just magically pop up when you turn 13
they take YEARS to develop
they will reach there full size by the time your around age 18-21
so just be patient and wait because they havent even begun to grow yet

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You are /way too young/ to be wearing a push-up bra.
13-year-olds should not be wearing something that so obviously sexualizes them, and parents are irresponsible for letting their daughters get them.
Why do you even need something to make your chest look bigger? That's just asking for the wrong kind of attention from guys.

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When I was 13 I had the same issue too. This may sound weird but the way I got my mom convinced was to take her to the place where the bra was try it on and show her it when you have it on with a shirt. By doing this it will show your mom that having a pushup bra doesnt make a huge dramatic change on the size of your breasts. It should give her some ease and she will most likely buy it for you. Hope I helped :]

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tell her the one's your wearing are uncomfertable I'm sure if you put it like that she will understand

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hey im going on 17 and im a 36A only because my brest are small and I have wide shoulders. I saw on the web that hundreds of girls (A cups) are upset that they cannot get these bras that want Lace, push up, and sexy ones. Here is the thing, if you have small brest that have been growing for a while, then you can get them. and you have to be at least 14 for that to happen (For them to fill out and become Full)And ALL of these girls are 9-13 years old. I was stuck in Old Navy sports bras untill I was 14. my mom said I didnt need the support but got my sister lace pushups when she was my age. and I am bigger than her. Some time we just have to put up with this crap. I feel you'r pain but it will pass. =)

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Just tell her every 13 year old wears a pushup bra. I did when I was 13, and every other 13 year old I've ever known does.

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I am 12 and my mom lets me wear pushups just becaus I dont wear them like im a slut and I cover myself duh...

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Heyy, im 11, on friday the 21 i think i asked foor a bra from my mom ... i emailed it!!! Ugh, But, She sed yes!! Yayy soo on saturday were going shopping, last night she measured my size, is 28 cm below bust and 30 on fullest part of bust the right size to be getting a bra ??

Hope that hepled..
PS I really wasn't so hard asking she simply sed yes then that was it ;)

dont be scared! xox

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Ill be 13 in 9 days and I can just say that you don't need to worry about pushup bras. I thought about having one too because my breasts are only 34A but I knew my mom wouldn't get it for me. You have to realize that your breasts are still going to grow, you're only 13 right now. Most girls grow up and 5 years later they go from 34A to 36C.

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I'm 12 next month and already 32A! Most the girls in my class are flat chested and know how u feel! I have the biggest chest in the class and all I get is crap from the boys! Such as " Ur boobs are huge! Can we go out?" Or " I only like u cause ur boobs are huge!"
Honestly I don't think u would want to deal with that and u will have to if u get a push up! Trust me I know what it's like with big boobs and it's not that great!!! Plz, just wait till ur older and it will do u the world of good!!!

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