How can i convince everyone that i really dont care?

I keep telling everybody that I give up on school and everything in life because I just do not care anymore. and I think life is stupid and pointless. but nobody gets it that I really dont care. and they keep calling me stupid and dumb.

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I agree with iholy.

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Whoever keeps calling you dumb and stupid probably are themselves. Ignore it;having to do with school, you may just need some motivation to keep going, it's not stupid or pointless, it'll get you where you want in life.

Try and try and try again, don't ever give up, no matter what people say!

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I kinda agree with you I think life is almost pointless and boring.

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Some things are good in life some things arent... when you have everything you ever want... it gets ripped away... when you try to look for something in the future... it changes because someone ruins it for you... you either keep going with the pain and look forward to the good times or whatever... so yea I had an amazing life everything was going great... then one person ruins it all or something happens and its all pointless... basically... tell them that you personally do not care and if they have a problem with it then thats their problem but if you ont care tell them that... just keep telling them... I DO NOT CARE LIVE WITH IT... anyone who is being all "oh its worth it"... well it better be because the amount of stuff us teenagers go through is like I dunno... not how it should be... just keep telling them until it is drilled in their heads... =) x

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Don't listen to they way others make bad comments about you. You should keep going to school and finish at least high school. That is the most important thing to achieve in life. Don't let anyone stop you from achieving your dream. Do it for yourself and no one else because in the end you will be the one to provide for yourself and you need a good job to do that. Be somebody in life. When you become someone who has helped others and when you do die you will be remembered. You will be very smart to finish school but, If you drop out and do nothing with your life then you are nothing. You have to be positive and believe in yourself. Believe me, I know things get hard to cope with but, you have to be all you can be. God is there for you. I hope you turn down the right path and if you get lost I hope you can find your way. God will help you if you let him. Just believe in your self and stay strong. Good luck!

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This is kind of cheesy to say lol but life is what you make it, so if it's boring then that's basically your own fault for not making the most of every situation.

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Life has a porpose, all we have to do is find it, we make our life ourselfs and when we don't we have to make the best of tough situations. I myself had a point because I went trough soo much but I found a point, I wanted to be someone and to make a change of all the problems and reach what I wanted.

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probably because your young, and your not apreciating the things you do have
you should really talk to someone about the problems your having and why you dont like life right now
theres a big world out there to explore
and a lot of goals you could set out to achieve
but you know what? its not always as easy as getting what you want
it usually takes work, sometimes it takes a lot of work
and obviously along the road there are going to be ups and downs
births and deaths
happy times and sad times, ect
but its all a part of life, and you learn from it all
when your older and more mature youll probably realise that most of the things that made you feel that way didnt even really matter
and youll begin to realise what things in life really are important and really do matter

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I agree whit iholy. How can you give up everything. Is something going on that is making you take this disitions? I bet there is and is making you think that you wanna give up but when you go farther in life you are going to notice how all that you are going to regret it. People are telling you that because thay have a reason. Is not easy to face life when you have nothing, when you have o education e.c.t.

Talk to someone, you are or maybe alredy be depresed. These feeling of not caring are really wrong. Don't give up. Think what is going to be of you if you do.


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You are only 15 so no offense but what these people are saying to you is kinda true. Are you seriously telling us that you care about nothing in this world? You don't love anyone? You wouldn't care if they wasn't here anymore? Even if you only have one thing in life, then it is worth living. You've been given a life and I don't think anybody should take that for granted.

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omg all you lot answering are kinda annoying your judging her but thats her desicion on how she wants to live her life

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I find it really funny and I did the same thing when I was that age.
It is a lot harder to fight against everyone saying I dont care this and that. Someone who doesn't care is generally trying to be lazy. But the path they take in resisting can be a lot harder.

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