How can I control what I eat?

I eat most meals with my family, but a lot of them are unhealthy and fattening. I love eating, so I almost always eat what my mom makes for dinner, and if I dont, she gets insulted. Also, my school lunches are really gross, but we are forced to sit in the cafeteria until 12:30 so im surrounded by food that I know I shouldn’t eat, but I want to any way! its a problem because I am just getting fatter and fatter, but I have to eat what my family does! also, we go out to dinner a lot, so I dont know how to order small portions of healthy food! what should I do?!

Answer #1

I actually used to have a compulsive eating disorder where I ate food nonstop. so I had a lot of trouble with food. but the best thing to do is to eat whatever you want, but in very smaller portions. I heard that the first bite tastes good, but after the first bite it’s not as good because your taste buds are used to it. so just keep that in mind. and when you are in lunch surrounded by all that food, I used to just do my homework but then I’d be starving for the rest of the day; so you should bring your own lunch. if your afraid about getting fatter than all you have to do is excersize a bit more and drink A LOT of water. when you go out to eat, you should eat until you feel full and when you are done just ask if you can put the rest of your food in a doggie bag and take the rest of it home. then later you can snack on the rest of the food! yay! hahaha good luck.

Answer #2


  1. ask your self are you really hungry? or are you thirsty? (sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger)

  2. when you really dont want to resist into tempting food tell your self ‘’ I can have if I want, but I choose not to’’.

  3. depriving your self of food that you are used to eating will only make you crave for it more and before you know it you’ll give in…so dont deprive your self but indulge in a little of it once in a while

  4. STOP eating as soon as you feel hunger no more

  5. one way of controlling your portion size is use a smaller plate, that way when you put your food in your plate it will seem as though you have a lot but you don’t really

  6. tell your mom that you don’t want to upset her but you want to start eating healthier and maintain a small portion size for your meals, im sure she will understand maybe it would even encourage your family into a healthier lifestyle

  7. drink a lot of water you wont fell as hungry, have 3-4 small meals per day, snack on only fruit or veg or a yoghurt etc

O and telling your self your getting fatter wont do any good for self-esteem, confidence or even motivate you to stick to the plan.

Hope that helps

Answer #3

I definitely agree. PORTION CONTROL is the most important thing to follow. and eat slowly and take small bites because it takes your body 20 mins to realize that its not hungyry anymore. And its important not to beat yourself up if you eat too much in a sitting. A good rule of thumb to determine if you’re getting a nutritous meal is to look at the variety of colors on your plate. If all your food is one or two colors then you need to adjust. Just add more color by eating different vegetables and fruits. Hope this helps!

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