How can I be more prettier?

I just dont feel good enough anymore. life is crap and I need to change and I think perfecting my image will make so many things easier for me. im single, fat, ugly and I just lost my job. even my teeth are going browny-yellow and I feel so low right now. please help , I dont know what to do :(

Answer #1

You can’t perfect your image… you’re only setting yourself up for MORE disappointment if you try. You REAL problem is self-esteem. THAT is what you need to improve.

Answer #2

by form fitting clothes and drink more water to help with your complexion

buy makeup that you haven’t had before to find something good

paint your nails the same color as your hair and put top coat on them so they don’t chip

work in a place with boys and girls so you can make friends and flirt with the opposite sex ;) which is always fun

brush your teeth in the morning and at night with the arm and hammer stuff with the whitening in the toothpaste and buy paul mitchell shampoo and conditioner because it’s amazing

learn how to curl your hair with a straightener because it looks awesome and you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up alll day at work

go tanning or lay out by the pool it helps your complexion too unless you burn

and right out the shower if you put lotion on your face buy this stuff by clearisal it’s the #3 in a set of them and it’s a lotion for after you has acne medicine in it and it helps keep your face perfect while you have makeup on..

and buy eye firming and face firming medicine

and last but certainly not least definitely get a pedicure it’s a greeeat feeling.


Answer #3

Im just going to throw it out.. I think you are pretty hott myself and looking at your picture it doesnt look like you need to change anything. looks are one thing, but to attract guys to you its all about how you carry yourself… I’ve been with girls that were no where close to looking like models but they showed that they knew they were sexy and didnt care what others thought. People can feel confidence when you talk, walk, and everything you do in life.

Answer #4

Hey Sweetie, I dont think your image is your issue. I think what your lacking is self confidence. Instead of thinking of things to change, think of the things you already have. You are not fat and you are certanly not ugly. Your teeth maybe going this colour if you drink to much coffee or dont brush enough, why not save up for whitening, or, in the meen-while, use toothpaste that gradually whitens your teeth. And about the job thing, its not the end of the world hunny, just apply for some others. I know how you feel, I’m 14 and have suffered from anorexia and depression. All you’ve got to remember is that you are you. All that matters is how you see yourself. You may want to consider going to a therapist. It sounds crazy but they can really help you with your confidence. Hope this helps sweetie, good luck Ox.

Answer #5

Thanks everyone. Made my day x

Answer #6

Well Change Your Hairstlye. Get A Differant Color. In Your Makeup, Make Them Brighter Cheery Colors. Always Where Jewelry, Earrings And Necklace. Where Eyeliner 2. Makesure You look nice and match. maybe if ya feel rushed get it out the nite before Hope I helped

Answer #7

hey this is anne just be your slef and do what you can do . ok. and don’t call your slef ugly again, because you not ugly, if you were ugly, god want put you in wrold, okay,

Answer #8

everyone has those times where you think your not good enough. it doesnt mean its true. try something different with your makeup. if you dont like your body image then work out and eat right. im sure your beautiful. dont worry about it :)

Answer #9

okay well you’ve definately got some self-esteem issues…

first of all there’s nothing wrong with being single. you would probably get hurt anyways… not to be negative… it happens to everyone…

as for being fat… this is an oppinion. (unless the doctor says you’re obess…) a lot of people claim that they’re fat. and I don’t know if you are because I obviously don’t know what you look like. but there’s always different kinds of excersize. try getting into a sport. ugly. women say this about themselves a lot. maybe make up can help if you feel you must resort to that. maybe take care of yourself a little bit more.

cheer up. you can always find a new job. but about your teeth. do you smoke? because if you do that is what’s causing the problem. so try and cut off on smoking and brush your teeth more often okay? I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything. it’s not like I know what you look like. I’m just trying to help. and I hope I did. take care okay? and try to look on the positive side more often

Answer #10

I used to think that. That if I was totally thin and beautiful, that cloud of dysthymia hanging over my head would go away, but it’s not true. First of all, no ones perfect, and it’s unattainable. Even the people you think are perfect to you, think they’re hideous. Especially females. So you chasing after something that doesn’t exist is wasting time you could be spending enjoying your life.

I stayed like that for a looong while. I’ve spent almost a decade hating myself and trying hard to improve. But that messes you up. If you try to be more graceful, you end up tripping up a lot. If you try to look like you have it all together, you wind up staring at the floor in sadness. If you try to lose weight while depressed, you end up binging because stress triggers hormones that make you have cravings.

It sounds like your question should be less about pretty and more about happy.

Heres a few tricks that “cured” my depression:

Eat only fruits, veggies, things with natural ingredients. It sounds like a diet, but it isn’t. Diets are stressful. This is a de-stress mechanism, for life. After the first week, you start feeling more energized. Where there is energy, there’s usually a capability to be truly happy.

Exercise releases endorphins too, which are the HAPPY CHEMICAL(lol no, not drugs..) I find that after a good morning workout at the gym I feel bubbly and ready to take on my life.

Get off the computer, media, television, those can cause depression because they’re a form of escapism preventing you from living your life.

Smile to yourself. Go ahead, smiiile. A big, dopey, cheshire cat grin. Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Listen to upbeat music. It’s like what Hornby said in High Fidelity, “What came first? The sad person or the sad music?” referencing the question, do we listen to sad music because we’re sad, or are we sad when we listen to sad music?

Vitamin D is the happy-vitamin. It increases feelings of overall wellbeing and is literally the sunshine compound. Guess where its found? Sunshine! (and citrus fruits). So go lay out in the sun, you’ll feel good in no time. Take other multivitamins as well.

Have a smoothie (substitute milk for soymilk). They’re delicious, and give you positive feelings.

Take risks. Go for what you want. The worst that could happen is a ‘no’ and a temporary humiliation that you won’t give a sh!t about in twenty years.

Make a list of all the people you’ve said you were going to hang out with and haven’t. Of fun things to do. Now find them all and be with them. Just being around others diminishes feelings of worthlessness and makes your friends feel you appreciate them.

Take care of yourself. Be clean, even if no ones around. Being well groomed is always a plus, not to mention makes you feel better. Treat yourself to facials and ‘maintenence’ days. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, wash your body, shave (if you like), go the extra mile. When you are clean, you feel squeaky and bright eyed.

Love your body. You think you’re fat? LOVE ‘that BELLEH! Your hips and thighs are smoooth, voluptuous, and guess what- LOVED! That’s right! As a girl whos been with other girls, I can tell you girls with curves are sexy. Not “fat” girls, but if a little belly’s there, that’s cool too. I think its such a turn-on if a someone’s comfortable in their own skin. You can’t appeal to everyone no matter what you look like, so you might as well appeal to yourself. People reject you? Oh well, move on.

Don’t worry about if you were prettier/skinnier you would have a companion to share your life with, don’t build your identity off that. If you live your life knowing good things and good people will be drawn to you, you become compelling. People admire your life, and by extension, you. But you’re having fun and loving your life. It doesn’t matter. I guess that would be delving deeper into philosophy, so I’ll just end that with..

Confidence is pretty. F-that, confidence is SEXY.

You know, live in the moment. Find people that enjoy you for you, and have genuine fun with them. Soak up life, you don’t get it that many times around. One day you’ll genuinely smile and wonder why you stayed unhappy for so long.

The best advice I could ever give you is to find your own identity. Don’t try to be anything, because you are what you are. Find your own style, your own way, your own being. You can’t emerge yourself in some one elses (or a masses’) identity and be happy, you are you.

There’s a lot more, but I want you to learn them as you go along : D

Answer #11

You look FINE!

Answer #12

god i talk way too much dont i… honestly did i help at all??? like really?

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