How can I be excllent at studying?

I need tips, advise, everything on studying hard!! I cant focus on my books and reading fast:(( I study as much as I can, I try hard a lot but just cant get the stuff in my mind!!! I mean…my brother barely studies and yet hes an A++ student!!! and im stuck as a B average person!! Anyone, someone, anybody give me some advise on becomeing an A+ student . please:)

Answer #1

That’s a good question. You’re 14, in high school, and this is a very important time for your educational career.

Studying should never be done “brutely”. Use strategy. Each person learns differently. The hardest part about learning is to discover which way you learn best.

Your question is too broad to give any detailed advice. Given from what you said, I think what you need to research on is how you learn best.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Pick an easy subject that you know you struggled with. This can vary for people. For the majority, it’s math. If it’s math, then choose a certain subject within math that you struggled with (fractions, decimals, graphing functions, probability, etc). Be sure it’s something you know you will end up mastering if you try. If you’re good at math, choose another subject, like history or chemistry, and do the analogousness of that.

  2. Study. What you should be focused, on while learning this topic, is not purely on actually learning the topic. Your focus should be how you’re learning.

  3. Discover how you learn. If you find that yuo’re having a hard time grasping a concept. Stop and see what you have been doing. Were you repeating the formula over and over in your head? Were you conceptualizing how this formula works? Were you writing down the formula over and over again? If the strategy wasn’t working for you, then you need to choose a new one.

  4. Find new strategies. Google up research strategies. Type “study tips” and search. Or just think of a strategy on your own.

Mnemonics is a common tactic people use for example. It doesn’t work well for me, personally. So I use other means to memorize it (maybe relating the term with a foreign word or number).

Another example is when memorizing numbers. Some people learn it best when they repeat it a lot of times in their head. I personally just repeat it a few times, until it’s in my short term memory. Then, I repeat it an hour later (if I can) and so on, until I memorize it.

I hope this suggestion was helpful. It’s also a great thing that you’re motivated to study. Most people don’t care/slack off. While they may cheat their way into college. Many of these people struggle in college. It’s best if education is received properly.

Cheers to you. Best wishes.

Answer #2

its okay ,dont fret !! things could have been much WORSE , believe me.

        Want to  try something DIFFERENT ???

just do the following RIGHT NOW ;

1–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like you just want to close your eyes ( in that case case do it).At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then —HARI OOOM— & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!). this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>” “ also read JEEVAN RASAYAN a book from —“… “ tihs will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note: women durimg their periods are not to chant OM but they can chant HARI

this I say to you on basis of teachings of ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’

Answer #3

you need to study everyday,and in the holiday you make your homework .after when you finish your homework ,you can relax a bit then you will be excellent and the 1st.

Answer #4

I know it’s against most parents and teachers’ recommendation, but some people who can’t focus find it helpful to listen to music when they study.

Answer #5

Make a schedule!!It simple.It works for some people.

 Do a topic of each subject which you have a problem with each day.In time,you'll cover all your sylabbus.
Answer #6

facing the same prolem but just try to focus on the word hardwork all the very best

Answer #7

i actually find it really helpful to make my own study guides. what i do i gather all the material i needed to study and them type out a handmade study guide blank and one with answers. what this will do is by typing your creating repeation by having to go over the questions and answers in your head. although this may be time consuming i found it really helped me. also you should take a test to find out what type of learner you are. (audio, visual, or kenistedic) knowing this will help you study better. audio learners retain knowlege best by hearing the answers or tape recording lectures. visual learner associate with pictures or listed type studying - flas cards may also be good. Kenestedic learners learn best best actually doing- hands on type work. hope this helps!

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