How can i be cool?

I want to be cool and popular but not be being rude or best dressed how can I?

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you should never aim to be anything be yourself :/ then you will be friend with people like you if you are cool and popular then thats good but being yourself is best :) . its best way to make friends and be happoy you wont be happy for long if you be someone your not im only 17 I should no lol x

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dont try and be cool or poular
everyone your trying to impress wont give a crap about who you are and what you do (and vice versa) when you leave school
once your finnished school, you dont see those people again
your not there friends anymore, you grow up, and they grow up too

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ok first of all dont start being cheeky or funny to get atention it dosent work . Just try to be more confident infront of people and start conversations it might help.

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Yeah like in_omnia_paratus said, talk to people about themselves. But also, just get to know a lot of people, and don't be afraid to talk to new people. Just don't be creepy about it. Lol. And most importantly, be yourself, don't act fake because most people see right through fronts.

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When you talk to people, ask them about themselves. People would rather talk about themselves than hear about you. It sounds a bit vain but its true haha, and people will like talking to you more if they can show off about themselves.

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