How can avoid being bullied?

I’ve been bullied at school for years, often I dont want to school and fake illnesses to get out of it. I get bullied loads by people because im simply not their idea of the perfect girl. The teachers at school have tried to stop it but they either cant do anything or dont care, my parents have tried but they cant help either…what can I do?

Answer #1

Do what Donald Trump did….put that Bully in their place !!

Answer #2

pfft, bullies are losers. you just have to try and toughen up and not care about what other people say. just shrug it off. and if they get physical, and you report it and it’s not helping, just get physical back. :/ that’s what I’d do. I have no problem telling someone off or punching someone out for being a douche.

Answer #3

just ignore them and if they say something to you just turn around and if they decide to get physical if they punch you or push you do it bak to them harder then walk off thats what I would do

Answer #4

To be honest I dont know but whatever you do dont leave school. I did and then eft 3 more after that because I kept giving up. All I can say is just stand up to them.

Answer #5

Maybe they are right and you should change.

Answer #6

Dont worrie about any one just brush them off. You just do you.

Answer #7

Stand Tall and Don’t Back Down. They smell fear… don’t show it and they will back off. If you get punched… walk away, you will seem sooo brave and cool… believe me it WORKS!!!

Answer #8

I really don’t get bullied But thats because I hang out with people that you dont want to mess with But just let them do it just be like okay whatever I dont care I Use to be a bully And the one things bullys hate Is when the person doesnt care Bullys love to see that person fall and give up But if you don’t they will find someone else

Answer #9

I wasn’t there when it happened, but I heard about it. She told me right after gym. But yeah, don’t change, let your voice be heard, if they are physically bullying than use self deffense, if not let them know you don’t care. It’s hard I know, I used to be picked on too. But strangely, not anymore, the people who bully you will grow up soon enough, if not they will probably end up being poor anyway.

Answer #10

k not saying you should do this..but I used to get pushed around a lot so later on I dressed kinda emo and I always had a really “dont mess with me” look whenever they tried to push me around..and then after a while they got kinda scared of me and they left me alone. and then I stopped wearing my skinny jeans..emo hair cut..and scary shirts lol and went back to being normal again until I went to highschool

Answer #11

if it is that bad switch schools, but most of the time agree with them, like if someone says ur fat, simply say, hell yes i am or if someone says ur ugly say, i know i need plastic sugery, do you know any doctars?? it works try it and fun mail me back what happens

Answer #12

balamuk, thye hate me because of the past…i was a lil bit wierd when i was thinks back 8 and it’s followed me. i cant change that. They hate me because i have scars on my face, i cant change that. They hate me because i wear black and listen to rock music. I DONT WANT TO CHANGE THAT.

Answer #13

Bullying can be a serious matter cause it lowers your self esteam and can make you feel pretty stupid but you can always try to ignore it

Answer #14

with me or balamuk? there are no people like me, or very few where i go to school and although i get along with them, we are still the minority…most of them are too scared to help me, or dont want to get involved because of family connections and such. sometimes its just too much bullshit and too little understanding.

Answer #15

Just ask a teacher for help.

Answer #16

Really nothing personal, dear fracturedutopia, but you said: “I’ve been bullied at school for years”. I mean, this is not normal, why you all the time? Maybe people don’t like something about you, or ur an easy target, anyway, you should consider there must be something about you… Why do they hate you? Answer me this please. I am really not a bully, but if I see you I don’t know if I will be able to help it :)) Just kidding, girl! What the hell is wrong with the HIs in US?! Damn pricks :D Well, I agre with brighteyez, but I think you shouldn’t go to the police, because the matter can be dealt with in another way. You need to show them you are not afraid, that you are cool and stop being their target. This is why you have to CHANGE something about you. It’s obvious you don’t have what it takes :) If you call the police, they will hate you more and things might get worse. I think it’s a bad idea. Take care!

Answer #17

Then I would recommend you to find some others like you (but probably it’s not easy at school!) - dark rockers. Here is your answer. Find people who share the same interests as you. Moving to another school won’t probably solve much of the problem, because your description still looks a little… away from normal. And you know, people don’t like those who are notlike them. And you are clearly NOT. I would suggest you to try and look a little more normal, change your attitude and then change the school and start over(people don’t react to changes too much). If you really want to be the way you are…I have no solution for you. Because they are many MORE than you. So they set the rules. And there is not such thing as perfect tolerance. So you cannot tell me I was wrong or mean when I said “Maybe they are right and you should change.” And I will repeat myself a little, but the most important change is that in attitude. And do not neglect the clothes, they still show who you are. If you need more advice let me know :)

Answer #18

you know, when people get a rise they are reinforced to continue what they are doing. you give them something of a rise is what might be happening. you can be proactive and improve your people skills, improve your appearance, be attentive to your other areas that need attending to and grow or not. you choose. i have a handicapped child who suffers from peer abuse. i know what i am teaching him and he also needs to take responsibility. there is no one size fits all with this. volunteer and be a well-rounded person and find your passion for something. dont give up and be defensive that is not admirable. have courage and find out what you need to look at. go to a counsellor and ask them to give it to you straight where do you need to make change. thats all. xo

Answer #19

first ingore if that doesn’t work tell a police or somebody that can_ help!!! iam kodoa123

Answer #20

Jeremy spoke in CLASS today!

Answer #21

learn karate

Answer #22

beat the hell out of the leader 2 the point were hes got a broken bone or 2 and make it look like an accident and if the others still pic on you contenue untill they get the point and back off after that i dought they will ever bother you again.

Answer #23

it’s both, it’s too late to switch im halfway through gcse. iv reported all the physical stuff, or the school said that they were going to.

Answer #24

Here I totaly know wot u are going through or went through i’m having the exact same proplem.. tell me wot have u done n if its helpd

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Answer #26

don’t tattle on them.

find a way to publicly embarrass them. that always helps.

Answer #27

…i still find it rather irritating that you simply accept the majority as the group who are right. if the majority say it’s ok to go on a mad killing spree, would you believe them right? probably not, just because theres more of it doesnt mean its better…like bullshit, u can pile it up til its as high as everest, its still bullshit just theres more of it. so this majority keeps growing, and people actually BELIEVE that just because its big, it’s right. is minority a crime? yes i guess so.

Answer #28

Remember this, that in the end… you reep what you sew. They will get what they’ve done. What you’re going through builds character. When you get through with this. You will be a much stronger person. You will have knowledge of what it’s like being bullied physically and verbally. Could write a book on it and start making a difference. Or go to the public and let them hear your voice. You are not the only one being bullied. Lay your heart at rest, this will pass.

Answer #29

I Know how you feel im 13 and I have been bullied all my life I do not go to school and I havent been going to school for 6 weeks now. Im starting a new schooI in september. I Hate been bullied I have been in hosptial before bcoz I have tried and killed my self bcoz of the bulling its bcoz im fat its not my fault I have tried everything I wish I was not born and I wish I was dead. even sometimes I get bullied by my own brothers its horrible. you should say to your mum.. move me to anougher school please. other wise ill run away x Good Luck x

Answer #30

I completely agree

Answer #31

my friend, i suspect you’ve heard of the Threefold Law… and slightly off topic, i do write a lot of stories.

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Answer #33

you can stand up for your self and start making fun of them and hit them with words and trust me the people who are making fun of you look way worst just use there weakness to your advantage

Answer #34

to be honest, nothing you do now will change how they feel about you, even if you change and become like them, becuase they’v seen you as one person for all this time. I think that you should not change for anyone! are who you are and you shoudltn change.

At the end of the day u’l be the bigger person, they’ll all stay as failiures and get nowhere with their lives!…but if you focus know u’l be the bigger person as you’l be the successful one with a great life!..whats happening to will come back to them, and it will be worst!!!…so dont worry..but for now just try what you think is right for the situation!

Answer #35

Fracture, I answered this but I don’t know where it went…anyway here is what to do. The next time these bullies pick on you and bother you,simply tell a teacher ( that knows you well). After a few days or weeks they will probably start back up again. Fine….when they do go to a different teacher (that knows you well). Again after a while they will probably start back up again. These bullies take this as weakness when you report their mean actions to the teacher, but what you are doing is setting up a plan. The 3rd time you get bullied by one of those idiots, you got to the nearest phone you can get your hands on. You call 911 and let them know that you are being bullied and you want the police there as soon as possible. When the police come they may think it’s some kid looking for attention etc..until you explain to then about the other teachers you told about your situation. I am not real fond of running..why should you run? Make the bullies pay, make them alter THEIR LIFE for their abusive ways. Calling 911 is not extreme, do you know why? Because if adults bullied one another in their workplace you better believe the bullying would stop or the bully would be fired and told not to come back, and if the bully tried to come back the boss would file a restraining order, if the bully comes back again..he goes to jail. Why should it be different for you just because you are younger? By you taking a stand now you are learning that you are not going to run scared, you will stay and address your situation. When the police arrive tell them that YOU are not running and you want a restraining order on those jerks..let them and everybody who can hear you that you mean exactly what you say. IT STOPS TODAY GOOD-LUCK!! Familycoach

Answer #36

I’ll probably get a bunch of negative feed-back but have you tried standing-up for yourself. Alot of times bullies thrive on fear. If they think you’ll defend yourself sometimes they’ll leave you alone. I NEVER advocate violence but i got bullied my freshman year of highschool. And no matter how much i reported it, it never stopped until one day i got so angry that i jumped on the bully outside of school. I didnt even win the fight but i went at him with everything in me. I got suspended and almost arrested but the bulling stopped that day!! I didnt get arrested or expelled because my parents and I reported it over and over before I took action. I hate to say it but i’ve seen the results of police intervention and school intervention. Alot of times things don’t change but that DOESN’T mean don’t report it. If there is physical contact then MAKE your parents push the issue till the punk/ punks get expelled. Usually when the police start getting involved school administrations get nervous and start taking action. But if you can’t change schools or the reporting doesnt help then maybe my advise may help. After the fight, the football player that was bulling me got so much negative attention from the school that he didnt even want to look my way in school. I hope it never comes to this because you can end up in SERIOUS trouble but I know what it feels like to be bullied. And all I know was I didnt care about the consequences then because I could’nt take another day of depression and embarrasment. In my case the bulling stopped and I was NEVER bullied again but every case is different.

Answer #37

Oh geez, I know exactly what it’s like. I used to get teased so bad through junior high. I’d literally wake up feeling sick to my stomach and be like “ I can’t go to school”, so yeah, I missed a lot of time, but it was AWEFUL! I eventually changed schools and at my new school, I haven’t had any problems, most of them are actually very nice! That would be my advice, but you say you can’t switch schools, so resort to plan B. you know you can actually get the police involved, and it doesn’t matter if it’s physical or not, it’s still harassment, if you continue to get the teachers involved and it doesn’t work, then go to the police. It is extreme, but it’s better than that hell your enduring everyday. And DON’T listen to balamuk and change yourself, those kind of people are just low and will tease you no matter what. Think about it this way, “ Who the HELL are they to judge you?” I’m sure your a very nice person and it’s a shame you have to be treated like that, nobody should, it’s inhuman. Those kind of people are just plain shallow and aren’t happy with themselves, so they try to drag you down with them, don’t let that happen. And don’t start yelling and fighting with them, it didn’t do me any good and besides, that would just be sinking to their level. They will get theirs anyway…The ones who bullied me sure as hell did! Well, I wish you the best of luck!

Answer #38

I used to get bullied a lot !!! trust me ..this kid wudnt leave me alone everyday was hell I was overwight, and cudn do anything or he would make an example of me in front of everybody, but I stood up one day an I went rite up in this guys grill and I pused him rite into a filing cabinet…since ten he has never bothered me , I’ve lost over 3 stone stone weight and I do weights and im a big guy now…listen im not sayin that confrontation is the best option but it worked for me ..teachers wudn listen, he wudn listen an noone cud help but myself…when you start to realise that the only person in this life that you can depend on in life is yourself, the quicker ull have respect for urself and realise how valuable you really are !!1 don’t let nobody put you down !! and if they do, don’t get down… your the better person an they jus losers serisouly…respect urself and the people around you and you’ll be fine …in my case it took me 2 years of hell until I cracked…buh it rlei helped me ..when they bully you dont back down show them that your not a useless thing to be pushed around…your better than that..if you let sumone leep you down your never guna get up an move on…stand up for urself and beat this

Answer #39

What can you do? It’s a shame that people do what they do to one another. They’re subjecting you to cruelty and violence in an environment of supposed learning. They do what they do & say what they say because as individuals and moreover as a whole (group) their hindered souls seek to deconstruct and/or restrict any and every other who opts to travel a path without them. “Misery Loves Company” They wollow in their own filth of fear and uncertainty. Their own insecurity drives them to strip you of your security. Your remaining school career may NEVER be free of bullies, but your understanding of why bullies bully may free you from an otherwise unyielding internal review and /or unfavorable assessment of self. Physical attacks on the other hand aren’t so easy to ignore and absolutely under NO circumstances should they ever be tolerated. These types of harassment should be reported immediately to the proper authorities before they are ever allowed to fester, grow & develop into a potentially irreversible threatening occurence. Do not allow them to distract and/ or deter you from your own designated course of action for they are motivated of emptiness, seeking to remove you of the very substance they are lacking. Hold True and be strong!! Best wishes

Answer #40

Go to the bullies house and talk to there parents. Explain your problem to them. (If I hear my son is bully he’s in deep trouble). Bring your mom or dad but you do all the talking your parents will probably solve this crisis. hang in there you’ll be out of school soon enough. don’t dwell on the negative. Use your mind to put you in a better place . When the bully starts makin fun pretend your in Tahiti and the people makin fun of you speak a different language and you can’t understand them so you just smile and move along. Be strong Kids are cruel any sign of weakness and they attack. Never ever react to a negative comment. One last thing if the school does nothing walk into the office and say you are filing a lawsuit against them then tell them you are going to do a press realease and explain your situation. you threaten a lawsuit against the bullies parents, or file a restraining order against the bully they would have to switch schools. You have the power use it. Good luck I hate bullies

Answer #41

This one time a friend of mine p!ssed off (pardon the language) one of these girls in gym class because she accidentally knocked over her while playin basketball. Well this girl gets all deffensive and in my friend Beths face and started callin her swear words and to the point where Beth was crying so I opened my mouth and told her to grow up! It is just a game! She didn’t mean it! Leave her alone! Don’t act so syco! etc. I yelled those things to her (really loud actually too lol) and she backed down. I was deffinitley suprised, just because she is the biggest B!TCH in my entire school. I mean everyday she would be sent home for startin fights. FOR REAL. But I was sick of it and sick of her so I said those things to her and she didn’t say a word more. And I think it’s becasue she realized how p!ssed I had become and how quiet I usually am at school. ( lol ) That was the first time any1 ever heard me yell and get mad so they were like pratically amazed and frightened. lol. But anyways my point is you just need to be somewhat “aggresive”, you need to let them know that you have had enough and that they’re being immature and hurting you because of it. I’m not sayin fight but I’m sayin to open your mouth and tell them what you think and your tired of them being so rediculous! (OH AND WHY DON”T YOU JUST ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR AROUND GROWN-UPS WHEN THEY’RE AROUND) I think that’ll help and good luck! <3 <3 <3

Answer #42

Sad to say….when all else fails….(i.e. legal authority/school authority/parental authority), with bullies, it will come down to pretty much just ‘two’ alternatives. You either do your best to avoid/ignore/take, what they dish out or….’you’ either do, or have something done, about it. And again sadly to say, it more often than not ends up the latter solution that is about the only thing they understand, and that will work.

I have read all the advice in each post. Some being some fairly reasonable advice, some being rather rediculous, some from those that obviously have no clue. And even again sadly to say, and a shame, you may well need to go the ‘Selfdefense’ route, and handle those bullies in that fashion. Being just about the only thing they will ever understand, that will ever get their attention, anyway. Unless of course, you simply prefer to just ‘live with it’ for the duration. I would exhaust ‘proper’ venue first, but then, and with a modicom of control, “do what ya gotta do”!

Answer #43

Go to a teacher or someone and tell them if they don’t do something to stop them from bullying you, you’ll take matters into your own hands and beat the crap out of them. If the teacher or whoever doesn’t do anything, or if they do and it doesn’t work, punch those bullies in the stomach as hard as you can.

I had to threaten the bullies by saying I was going to kill them and wait until I got in trouble for that before the teachers would actually pay any attention to me and try and put a stop to there bullying. This was post-Columbine of course, so now they actually took me seriously, and they said “You can’t threaten people like that.” and I was like “Well they always say to go to a teacher or someone and tell them, and I did, and didn’t get any results. So I took it into my own hands and said whatever I had to to get them to leave me the hell alone.”

Answer #44

get homeschooled?

Answer #45

the best thing to do is completely ignore them..if they ridicule you in class then just tell them that the world would be a better place to live in if they had never been born…or ask them if their zookeeper knows they are at school..if they are physically abusive then run from them, keep away from them.

Answer #46

If they can get away with it you can. Remember you are what you are and they expect you to be a vanrable little kid ( no offence ) so if you can change beat them up make them feel as you feel ( and soon that word will will be felt ). :^D

Answer #47

Take kickboxing. You’ll gain some muscle, and some self defense moves. Serioulsy, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to defend yourself, and then you really wont be so worried. Good Luck, :)

Answer #48

the thing can’t avoid bullying. To be honest with you, bullying will be in every school you go to but you can tackle it rather than hide away from it. Tell teachers and yes I know..there was that fear aswell..”If I tell the teachers will they come back on me harder and call me ‘swot’ or a ‘teacher’s pet’”…the truth is…bullies are people who have issues and you should not be afraid to be yourself…and a few mentally problemed people aren’t going to stop you…that’s the best way to get through bullying…but changing schools might help a lot or get even worse…that’s the risk be yourself and don’t care about what other people think.

Answer #49

Don’t put up with them there bullies there the losers and tramps. Think there so much better than everyone else they count them self as popular when there not. Its there problem you haven’t done nothing wrong stand up to them bet they can’t fight anyway. They need to get a life and stop slagging people off behind there back and say it too there face but they won’t because there too scared those people annoy me

Answer #50

I know what your going through. Or at least i think! Okay, well in my class everyone hates me because of these rumors. And i hate it. But i have some friends. And if your having real bad trouble then just move to a different school. Because it could get really serious! And im sure your parents will understand and try to help and maybe move you to a different school. Or talk to the bully.. or at least try! The only thing i could really give you is this: Move out if its getting SERIOUS!

Answer #51

Dear survivor—-

Don’t let it go to your head and just try to ignore them. Just tell yourself–“I’m going to show them what I can do good in the future” and remind yourself of all the good that you can do. Get support from your friends–remind yourself of all the reasons why they like you. Walk in groups with your friends or with an adult. Try to walk down different hallways than the bully. See the school psychologist. Hope this helps—from a group of guy supporters :)

Answer #52

ii know exactly how you feel. because i have been in the same potion. i use to let people walk all over me till the day i stood up for myself. they approached me, and wanted to fight me thinkin that i wouldn’t do anythin but you know what i am not a fighter but i sure did defend myself, and they were so shocked that i fought back, that they never associated wit me again. i am not sayin fightin is the key i am sayin that standing up for yourself is the number 1 key.

Always, Amanda

Answer #53

my best friend killed herself 2 days ago from being bullied just for being herself,I know how it needa leave the school and go to another one.and quick because its not right to be bullied for who you are.

Answer #54

u should deffo change skl babexxx

Answer #55

Don’t let them notice you…

Answer #56

fiqure out why they bully u and go from there going to another school is the cowards way out dont be a coward stand up foryourselfe what have u got to lose? if they r bullying u want else can go wrong take a chance and stand up for yourself

Answer #57

thanks :)

Answer #58

just because im not exactly like them that gives them the right to bully does it? balamuk i wouldnt be surprised if you’re a bully the way you talk. they hate me whatever i pretend to be, why should i lie to myself to keep them happy…eh?

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