How can a 14 year old girl lose weight?

I feel really fat and I always feeling left out meaning that all of friends are skinny and I’m not. I try to do a diet plan but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling less confident about myself every day. I want to lose 20 pounds but how??

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Wait till you;re completely through puberty. It takes a while. Your body hasnt finished growing yet so its dangerous to diet at 14.

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hi everyone I am a 14 year old girl and if anyone needs help with their diet please ask. here is my story, when I was about 8 I got fat and fat but now im 14 im still fat I weigh 10 stones I lost a stone in 3 weeks and I was stupid of my self gaining weight back on so I went back to 10 stones but now I am on a strict diet me and my sister I have lost 3 pounds in a day,day by day it doesnt matter if you want to lose a stone you just gotta do it the way I do because I know I can lose a stone so I can still do it. you need to just belive in youself that you can do it and dont even go near fatty food or even touch because then you are more likely to eat it. I never watched diet programs I did it my own just need to know how many calories you eat in a day and I only eat 4 times a day niether do I have snaks I never have snaks in my diet but if you know that you are one of those people who feel hungry very quik then you can ask me about what to eat for snaks and drink 8 glasses of water every day I do, and it really does boost up your energy. and dont even bother trying weightwatchers and all of this diet stuff like special k I didnt work on me I just did my own diet and now I am really happy because I am losing 3 pounds every day and most of my fireds and family say that im losing weightreally quick and then I can wear what I want and also all my school friends are fat everyone and im helping them to do a diet and one of my reind has lost 3 pounds in a day just like me she did the same thing I did IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MY DIET YOU CAN USE MY EMAIL ADRESS WICH IS: AND PLEASE DO ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY DIET OR WHAT I DO TO HELP PEOPLE LOSE weight GOOD LUCK

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hi, I’m 14 aswell and I’m also looking to lose weight. I’m very over weight, and bby that I mean I weigh 200 lbs. I’m suuuper ashamed of myself and I want to lose weight, not only to look thinner, but also for my health. I’m not superfical and want to be a twig, I just want to lose about 50 ish pounds, and see where I go from there. I go to my local gym a lot, well I try to, but I find it really hard to stop eating junk food, espically since it was halloween yesterday. my advice for everyone is to just excersise and drink water a lot, do cruches before bed, don’t spend too much time on the computer, don’t watch to much tv, and take care of yourself. shower, make your hair pretty. do your makeup ! if you look nicer, you’ll be more motivated to make your bbody nicer.

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I am in the 8th grade I will be 14 in july I am about to go off to high school and I want to lose about 50 pounds during the summer. Does any one have quik tips to help. I work out almost every night and I am on a liquid diet I dont see any changes in my weight I am trying to get atleast 10 pounds smaller for graduation in june. I have been at this liquid diet for about 2 days now its terrible but I will do almost anything to get my dream body.

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ok iam from da bahamas I am 14 my mommy lose weight by doing dis we call this fruit that only grows over here name nunie it is wired but dis actually works it has a horrible smell and it is also bitter she makes a icetea like thing with it it makes you go to the bath room after you have went you would c that iam right I drink it every day for two days so far and I have lost 6 pounds so I would say get your self some of dis and also excrise and eat J.J.B from the 242.

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I tink im fat but other peple say im not but there not me!!im not a junk eater id av a biscuit now and den I h8 chocolate!!!my promblem I tink is toast and tea I liok live on it id av around 4 slices of toast with abit of buter and 3 sausages and loads of tea dats mainly what I av each day.I go on my trampoline and try 2 do excercises but they neva work.please give me advice I wanna be thin and beautiful!!!xxx

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I don’t know how but is it concidered anorexic to not eat breakfast or lunch because your not hungry

Answer #9

I don’t know what to do mbc im trying to lose weight too and im on a diet but im starving myself and everyone says you want lose weight but I’ve lost 14 pounds so far

Answer #10

oh well im 15 and pregnant so I cant excersise for another year!

Answer #11

will im just about 13 and just by doing trunk twists I lost 5 pounds in a week and half I only did them for like a half hour a day I hope I helped a little

Answer #12

If you have sex with a lesbian you can!

Answer #13

I am a 14 year old boy and I weighed 150 like 4 months ago but I started not eatin alote but not starvin myself either.I play basketball so I would exercise alote to I would go outside and play for 2 or three hours and I found that to be the best way to loose weight I weigh 125 now but I still want to loose a little bit more cause im still a little bit chubby

Answer #14

I am 14 years old too… Today ( Febuary 10, 2010 ) I fond out that I am 171 pounds. My big problem is eating, I eat very little at school but when I get home I start snacking, and it is very hard to stop. I am 5’9 and when I look at myself I have to turn away. I pray every day that God will help me, he told me that inorder to help you must frist prepare yourself. That is what I am going to do, and you can do the same. I started wrighting down what I ate. To know what I need to do, and started excriseing.

I am 14 years old… Today ( March 15, 2010 ) I found out that I am 130 pounds!!!

Try this and see what you will find.

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well im a 14 year old girl and I hated my body but what I did was ovr the summer I ate salads a lot and swam at the beach almost everyday. but you have to believe that you are beautiful because even when you do loose the weight you still will feel insecure if you dont love yourself before you love your body. you should try to do crazy diets because almost everytime they dont work. so if you loose weight while doing it healthy then you can be healthy. hope I helped!!

Answer #16

Hey I’m 14 and I’m also really short! 4’11 and I weigh 120. T^T I feel very uncomfortable with my body. I’m losing confidence in myself. I’m in soccer, and we practice and do conditioning like EVERYDAY but I’m still like at the same weight, and I’m losing weight very slowly. I don’t know what to do anymore. HELP!

Answer #17

I’m 14, and I was in the hospital a while back, because I had the flu, anyway, they also noticed I was over weight, and they gave me a hint, drink 3 cups of freezing cold water a day. It burns carbs fast, and exercise 5 times a week for 15-30 minutes. I did this, and lost up to 30 pounds. Please feel free to email me if this helped you.

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Hai! I’m 14 and I’m also really short! 4’11 and I weigh 120. T^T I feel very uncomfortable with my body. I’m starting to lose confidence in myself a bit evgerytime I see skinny girls. I’m in soccer, and we practice and do conditioning like EVERYDAY but I’m still like at the same weight, and I’m losing weight very slowly. I don’t know what to do anymore. HELP!

Answer #19

well I’ve done a lot of things to lose weight I eat 3 healthy meals a day and I drink lots of water and I excersise and the whole summer I’ve lost 5 lbs and im 5ft 3in and weigh 147 I need good advice

Answer #20

I am a 14 year old girl and weigh 154 I am 5 inches and a half I have been the same sence I was 13 I am not gaining and not loseing and not getting any taller at the moment I don’t go outside because I don’t have friends on my street. at school I go to the gym on a monday and go outside on fridays and thats all the ecsecise I get I don’t have confidence in myself to go outside and go to my friends because I am scared that if I go to there house I would end up having to do something with a bathing suit because I am scared people will make fun of me if they see that I am way over weighthow can I lose weight without people knowing that I am on a diet.

Answer #21

losing weight is simple math. there are 3500 calories in a pound…on average a 14 year old girl needs 2400 calories a day to mantain her weight. if you simply cut out 1000 calories a day you will lose a pound every 3.5 days. but you still need to try to eat healthy foods instead of junk food. it will make you feel more energized. getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will help you lose the weight quicker because you are burning more calories a day. good luck I hope I helped :)

Answer #22

You don’t need to go on diet, you simply need to eat halthily. You can eat as much fruit and veg as you like, only eat candy once a week, never eat take out food or fast food. Eat brown wholemeal bread instead of white, eat 3 healthy meals a day, never skip breakfast - it helps to keep you full and snack less. If you do want a snack eat fruit. Your body is addicted to fat and sugar, you need to ween it off It doesn’t mean not eating it just means eating the correct things, research on the internet about what a balanced diet consists of . Don’t be lazy, eat well and exercise regularily.

Remember your guideline of 2000 calories a day and 70 grammes of fat, check lables and make sure you aren’t exceeding that! Use the internet to work out how many calories you are consuming and try to cut down. Eat one less cake or cut out chips.

Learn to enjoy healthy food and understand why you need to eat it. when you feel in a need of a sugar rush - eat some fruit instead. Think of the bad food as just swiming in fat and clogging up your arteries and slowly making you unattractive.

Here’s what I eat in a typical day.

breakast - 3 spoons of plain yoghurt with half a chopped bannana a handful of grapes and muslei sprinkled on top.

Lunch - a cheese and tomato with mayo wholemeal sandwich a cereal bar and two pieces of fruit.

Dinner - gridled chicken with brown rice and peas, a glass fruit juice (pure not squash)

If I want a snack I make sure its nuts or fruit. I love this food and I choose to eat it because it tastes good and keeps me fit and healthy. I also exercise three times a week, make sure you do too for at least half an hour each time and makr sure you raise your heart beat. A brisk walk 3 times a week is a good place to start. Or take up a new hobbie which involves physical activity.

This all seems like a lot of hard work, but if you just think positively about while you are doign it it will becoem fun, turn it into a hobby, learn from it, enjoy yourself and get slim!

Answer #23

eat healthy,count your calorie intake,and exercise 30 mins a day. never skip breakfast,and never starve yourself. if you want to eat,eat,! but make sure you know how many calories you intake each day to lose or mantain your weight.

Answer #24

don’t do the lemon thing or starve yourself b/c it just makes you gain weight b/c your metabolism will slow down and stop working which makes you fat and does not burn calories. every girl things that she is fat and needs to starve their self to loose weight but they are wrong just eat healthy. but I think I am fat too :) but apparently im not pffft…

Answer #25

im 14 and not to long ago I wanted to lose weight, I feel so bad when my parents joke about calling me fat so you just prove them wrong, I done a lemonade diet, I just ate lemon and drunk soda, yeah it seems abit wierd but it works, the soda gave me the energy I needed and the lemons acid burnt fat in the stomach slowly, also its a fruit :) your still eating and enjoying life, but just losing weight along the way, its great, try it :)

hope I helped x

Answer #26

hii, im ashley. im 14, and id like to lose weight as well. it’s not that I am over weight. but im chubby I guess you could say, haha. and absolutley dread working out. I know eating three meals a day is important, but when I wake up in the morning I dont really have time because I have to get ready for school. so I end up rushing out the door not evening noticing that im hungry. ha. so id be great to lose my little bit of extra fluff. lol. well anyone know what I could do? helppp! ha, thankks. byee (:

Answer #27

you should eat healthy and exercise, like running or jogging. you really should not diet because, with a lot of diets, when you stop the diet you gain even more weight then you had before. so eat healthy and exercise

Answer #28

you know what I wanna know how many calories is a person allowed to eat a day o: that would help allot would not?

Answer #29

I have the same problem im 14 I really am ovr weight but I try I really do I joined the soccer team and guess what it didnt help I am trying to eat healthy but its sooo hard because my parents dont want to eat healthy with me!!! I understand exactly what you are going through

Answer #30

I’m 14 now and I’m looking 2 loose weight too. I’m 5’4 and like 145 pounds, so I wanna loose like 15 or 20 pounds. I think I’m gonna do that freezing water 3 times a day thing as well. my advice to people who wanna loose weight is to EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE!!! water is your best friend, quick-sugaree snacks are your enemy! it’s okay to have a little chocolate or something maybe once a week, but not all the time. if you cut sugar out of your diet completely you’re gonna splurge when you loose weight and end up gaining it all back. but just exercise, try to join a sports team or something, and eat lots of fruits and veggies. don’t worry too much about calories and crap like that because you’re too young to worry about that. but stay away from a lot of carbs, eat things with whole grain and live your beautiful life :)

Answer #31

im 14, and im also trying to loose weight I actually dont know what to do but so far excercising and drinkiong lots of water can help, so I’ve heard(: good luck to everyone, including myself<3(:

Answer #32

I am 14. I am SUPER short: like only 4’11 or 12, and weigh 77.4 pounds. My stomach used to be small and twig-like, now I have a friggin’ gut. My arms drive me nuts. I want to get rid of this. I know I sound crazy - but I want to be a twig, just not like this. Help me!

Answer #33

Hi I am a 14 year old girl who is like 5’3 5’4 ish and I weigh between 112-115 pounds. I feel really fat, one because my sister is a TWIG and two because all of my friends are really skinny and really pretty. So I am like the odd ball. I want to know how to feel alittle more self confident about my body and self. I try the diet thing and I couldnt stick to it I just love food. So if any of you ladies could help me that would be great.

Answer #34

I recommend you to drink a lot of water thats all you really need.. try to cut down on the soda..and excersise more.. do something fun that you like that involves fruit when you want a snack dont eat junk…

Answer #35

When I excercise I dont feel hungary any more. Also my sister went to the doctors cause she had high cholesterol they told her the max number of saturated fat she could have was 7 in a day. It worked for me too.

Answer #36

I’m 15 same thing I feel like im huge especially because my moms a twig my bestfriends are sooo small and im the one with curves except where the count. I weigh 134. I excercize pretty much every day I take cardio classes such as zumba I run a lot. I dont eat unhealthy ill have something junkish I mean c’mon I still am a teenager. I tried beliumia but then I looked it up and it says it will keep you on the same weight. I was going to go anerexic but I get hungry too fast hah. I eat lean cusines so I can regulate my meals. I used to dance 3 housrs a day and I was skinnier and my body was better. If anyone has any advice lemme know

Answer #37

Ok. Well it sounds like we have a lot of “I think I’m fat” girls. But don’t worry I feel the same way. As my school PE teachers say at the age of 13, 14 and you are active in sports and what not you should weigh 130-135 pounds. Right now I weigh 132lbs. and I feel giant cause my lower abs like stick out cause they’re stronger then my upper ones and then my ribs are big so it’s kinda off. hmm..truthfully I did this over summer and it didn’t make me loose to much weight but it turned flab into muscle. -STAY AWAY FROM SODA AND CANDY! -EXERCISE DAILY, go on a run, do crunches and sit ups, push ups TV watchers…etc -BEFORE EVERY MEAL DRINK A GLASS OF WATER. It fills up your stomatch half way so you only eat as much as your body really needs. YUP that’s pretty much it.

Answer #38

wat do u mean by the max number of saturated fat she could have was 7 in a day

Answer #39

hi everybody…im 14 years old and im a girl like all of you guys and im 5;7 but i way 165 pounds..i tried to stop drinking pop ivve tried not eating fast food and nothing seems to work! i do exercise alot because i am in basketball and vollyball ..i always feel like the fat one out of all of my friendsbecause they are all skinny and are eather size 7 or lower~! when im a size 10 11 ! i feel so insecure about my body that i dont even like to swim in front of them because of how chubby i am! somebody please help me find the answer to this horribly nightmare! i dont know what to do ! and diet pills are out of the question ! HELP ME PLEASE!

Answer #40

she just went to a doctor and they told her she had a bit too much cholesterol and that it should get better if she had 7grams or less saturated fat per day. She did that and dropped 20 lbs!

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