How badly do nose piercings hurt?

I really would like to get my nose pierced, but I want to know how much pain to expect. I have a medium to low tolerance for pain. Any replies concerning nose piercing (stories, advice, etc) would be great appriciated!

Answer #1

I got my nose pierced today and it hurt too much. I was seriously nervous to the point where I felt like I couldnt breath but the woman that did told me when she was going to pierce it and afterwards it stung abit and my eyes watered. Id say that getting my ears pierced was worse and it hurt more. Now my nose feels a bit bruised but other than that it doesnt hurt at all.

Answer #2

I guess I disagree with most people on this question. I think that getting the nose pierced hurts quite bad and a lot more than having your ears done. I had my nose pierced three times with a piercing gun. The first time was in 1987 when I was 15 years old and the other two times I got my nose pierced because I had allowed the hole to grow back together. However, the first time I got it done, I jumped in the chair and yelped loudly, making people turn their heads to see what went on. After the stud went in it stung and burned in my nostril in a way that was not nearly as superficial as when having the ears done. Needless to say, my eyes watered and I was really close to crying both because of the pain and because of the embarrassment of the moment. However it was worth it from the moment I looked in the mirror and saw the stud in my nostril. I think that a diamond stud in the nostril is one of the sexiest things you can wear. I have kept my current pierced hole in my nose for many years now, but in case I had to have it redone, I would not hesitate. It hurt when I had it done, but it is SO much worth it! I hope that you will disagree with me and say that the ears hurt more, once you have had your nose pierced… Good luck with it!!

Answer #3

it dosnt hurt it makes your eyes water but you do that in the shock but you have to be carful after you have it done because its very easy to get infections

Answer #4

To Princess Nostalgia..the reason it hurt so bad was because a piercing gun was used. They’re not supposed to be used, ever, for anything, including the ears.

Anyway, to answer the original question: It shouldn’t hurt worse than a hard pinch for just a second. Your eyes will water a bit, but that’s it. The important thing is to find a clean, reputable piercer, and stay relaxed.

Answer #5

I actually got my nose pierced like 30 minutes ago. it was a piece of cake. I was scared though but it was nothing.

it feels just like getting your ears pierced, not to much pain and it took like 2 seconds to pierce it. but do go for it. it was over quicker than I expected.

hope I helped and good luck! :]

Answer #6

look it didnt hurt at all ight dis females dont knw what they talkin bout…


Answer #7

i meant to say my friend not me

Answer #8

i did mine my self it only hurt for a couple of seconds i have to take it out around my parents because they dont know yet

Answer #9

It’s in the mind. I got my nose pierced at 14. Didn’t hurt near as bad as the belly.

Answer #10

hiii :) I’ve spent the past 2 years watching videos and reading websites like this because I wanted my nise pierced so bad but was too scared! I finally got it done today and I LOVE it :D the totally honest answer to all the people who want to know if it hurts: not one bit! and my pain threshold is literally on the floor!! I had numbing anaesthtis gel rubbed on the inside and outside of my nose and that was left on for 25 mins then it was pierced with a clamp and needle and all I felt was a small pinprick then a slight tug when the stud was pulled through! I am the biggest wimp ever but I can honestly say, with numbing gel, that it is not even slightly painful! do it :) I love mine!

Answer #11

I’m getting my nose pierced tomorrow, and I am actually really scared. I have been looking at videos on Youtube of people getting theirs done, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t hurt that bad. Just your eyes water, and it feels like a hard pinch.

Answer #12

I’m getting my nose pierced tomorrow, and actually I am terrified. Needles don’t scare me or anything, and I can generally handle pain. So, I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. My sister, who’s almost 20 got her’s done and she said it hurt, hell yes, and needle going through your skin is gonna have some sort of pain. But she said it wasn’t too bad. Just a few seconds of extreme pinching. if you take your finger and pinch your nose with your fingernail as hard as you can for about 3 to 6 seconds, then that could explain it. But honestly, it probably won’t even be that bad. It won’t be as bad as getting your ears pierced. I stretch my ears, so I’m sure if I can handle huge holes in my ears, I can handle a needle through my nose. But goood luck hun! (:

Answer #13

I advice you to get it from a pro not by a friend or by yourself. If not thought carefully and you do it by yourself, it causes redness and swelling, and it even turns black around the hole after at the most 2 weeks. Of course it will hurt, but it will not hurt as bad if you do it by a pro. You have less chances of getting done by a pro. Oh, and if you do get a nose piercing, hope you like it!!!

Answer #14

i JUST got my nose pierced last friday actually. and i was so scared.. i was terrified. but i walked in there and my adrenaline was rushing so bad.. the piercing itself didnt hurt.. it made my eyes water but thats it.. but afterwards i started to pass out, and the piercer had to get me a coke. just dont get too freaked out and excited, and youll be fine. it doesnt hurt a bit. if you decide to get it done, just make sure you take good care of it

Answer #15

think about it a piercing only last for like 10 seconds if you want it that bad you’ll do it…I was scared when I went 2 get mine done but it didn’t hurt it just made my eyes water then like a couple months later I put a straight bar in it and it fell out when I was sleepin so I went and got it done again so it must not hurt 2 bad if I got it done twice you’ll be fine :)

Answer #16

I just got mine pierced and it didn’t hurt AT ALL! my eyes barely even watered. beyond worth it!

Answer #17

it doesn’t urt at all apart from a tear may creep out bt yooh wont cry i had mine dun n then i lost it and neva had it dun agen bt i ant my nose and lip piercing and i have medium to low pain tolerance

Answer #18

i peirced my own. If u tell yourself u want the pain youl be fine! and.. take a tylenol before u go in.. and put ice on it before u walk in:) itl hurt less.. if u clean it with soap alot it should help it from getting infected:) itsnot that bad. some people sya it kills some people say it didnt hurt at all! hope i helped :)

Answer #19

just makes ur eyes water …don’t hurt though but that’s my advise

Answer #20

Im getting mine pierced tomorrow, im quite scared yes, because im not too great with needles, but I really want it done, I think itd look really nice, im 14 and once I’ve had it done tomorrow, I shall write up on here what it was like, even though you probably had yours pierced already :D

Answer #21

I just got it done like 30 minutes ago…to tell the truth, the anticipation and nervousness did more harm then the piercing itself. It didn’t hurt to me, I just felt it going through and a slight pinch, and it was done. It hurt a little when he put the jewelry through but it was just sore.

Answer #22

im getting my nose done next week and im soo scared. Thats why I was looking at this to see if it really hurt or not and the person that said they put a bar in it is crazy!

Answer #23

It pinches for like two minutes and then its done. My eyes watered. But it can also depend on the size of your stud. I originally had a small pin put in when I first got it pierced, then I got a large flower put in. The flower hurts as we speak because I’m not used to the weight of it and the hole is still a bit fresh.

Answer #24

im actually 12 and I think im getting one next week was suppose to go last week but I had to go to a fuenral and so I actually havent gotten one yet but I overcome my fears b/c I watched other people getting nose peircings and its not so bad actually only your eyes water and no bigger the a little pinch of blood its actually cool im not scared cause I watched other people getting nose peircings and you wont be scared so go on youtube and just watch a couple you’ll see what its like. not bad only barley little watery eyes and a no bigger than a pinch of blood not scary. well love ya and good lucj :-] -koko

Answer #25

actually im 12 and im think im getting 1 next week and its good to watch nose peircings on youtube first so you know what its like and whats gonna happen like your eyes are gonna water but watch other people getting nose peircings first so you know what its like first and you dont have to worry a lot :) love ya and good luck - koko

Answer #26

im 12 and I pierced my nose by myself and it hurt like really bad and got infected so I sugesed you go to a pro but I dont think it would hurt that bad

Answer #27

I got my belly button pierced on the sides-total of 4 piercings in my belly button-and the sides are the worst but when I got my nose pierced last Sept I also passed, in a parking, and it bleed kinda bad too.

Answer #28

I think it honestly depends on your pain tolerance. I’m getting mine done tomorrow and I’m so stoked for it. HOWEVER. I am a wimp when it comes to pain. My belly button piercing hurt, but not badly and only for a bit. I assume that the nose piercing will hurt bad because it’s cartilage, not skin. Needles through the face are the most painful. By the way, it’s stupid for you guys to keep going on about people lying about the all depends on the person and how much pain they can handle. :S

Answer #29

dude im ten and I got it done All you have to do be relaxed and breath So what, theres a little blood but honey if you are older than me you can do this easily

Answer #30

i’m getting my nose pierced really soon and I’ve been watching videos on youtube they really help!u should watch some they are very usefel its better because than u no what its going to look like and how the piercer will do it!! here are a few tips 1 Do not freak out just chill 2 Put some ice on ur nose before it gets pierced this makes it hurt less(because it makes ur nose numb thanks luv

  • skiwiji101
Answer #31

im 14. i got my nose pierced yesturday and i was SOO scared. and when i say that i mean i was literally shaking and on the verge of tears before the woman even pierced me. When she did it, i was SO surprised at how little it hurt, and im soooooooooo bad with pain. I cant even get a shot without crying. but i didnt cry and my eyes didnt even water. the only thing tha it really happened is my nose bled really bad because i was so nervous. so basically stay calm because it really does not hurt at all. just a really fast pinch and that it. but its really sore afterwards. mine is so sore right now!

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