how are you feeling bout mjs dead?

please dont be cruel..mjs to me was an idol to me he was like the founder of music regarless waterver he did.

Answer #1

personally I feel bad for his kids…frankly I don’t think his kids had one normal day in their entire life, and they never will…they lost their father and that to me is terrible. I also feel bad for his family because now they have to deal with loosing their son and brother while dealing with a lot of press coverage and the media zoo that is unfolding…

I think Michael Jackson had some problems as he got older and all of the things he was accused of probably had some basis in what extent, we’ll never know…I am only mourning the loss of the Michael Jackson that WAS…before he became a bit…odd…

The Michael Jackson that showed up wearing pajamas to a court appearance is not the man I mourn…but I do feel bad that a man who showed us such talent in his early years has passed…I’ll remember him for his good times…not the bad.

What I am annoyed about is the media, the very people who hounded him, named his as a freak, called him “Wacko Jacko” and analyzed his every move are now wearing sad, grim faces and spouting out what a hero, legend and icon he was…

The media would not have cared even a little bit if he was alive still and they’d just be waiting for him to do something monumentally stupid so they could report it in their entrtainment section of their show.

That being said, I have mixed emotions. The man did great things when he was starting out…and unfortunately, in my eyes, lost a lot of his dignity when he got older. I pray he is at peace now, wherever he is…and his family and loved ones find solace in this horrible time.

Answer #2

I was shocked, so was my boyfreind when we heard the news yesterday because as one fan said “ I though he was immortal and would never die “ he wasnt the founder of music though, but he was the king of pop we watched the news on it for about 4 hours and heard about them talking about his rare skin disease (that another black man also suffers from) how he didnt abuse those children how his father beat him as a kid and wouldnt let him play that he didnt have a childhood and was making up for it how he related to peter pan who was “ the boy who never grew up “ how hes face was burnt durting a pepsi commercial numerouse old interveiws with him and recordings/clips about his death, him being moved by helicpter from the hospital ect

rest in peace michael jackson

Answer #3

I am very up set over it I dont think it was his time to go he did so much for the world with kids how he rasied money and the songs too he put a whole new meaning to what music is I hate that he passed away

Answer #4

what if he comes out on top of his house and starts singing billie jean. what a performance that wud be.

Answer #5

I was shocked. and I still can’t believe it I wasn’t necessarily a fan of his. but my prayers are with him and his family as well as Farrah Fawcett

Answer #6

I really enjoyed his music and it think he was a good man. Although he did wrong in his life he died young I am sorry from him RIP

Answer #7

I cant believe it still. I was always crazy about him. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON

Answer #8

I was really shocked, I mean if he was in hospital or something, but he was fine like a day before so that was really shocking, when my brother told me I didn’t believe him at first. I didnt like him because I thought he was a pedofile, etc. but I heard he was really nice when I heard his daughter at his memorial service, so I thought, ok he was having bad times but so does everyone!? but im loving his songs, and pretty happy how he was such a role model for loads of people.


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