How am i ment to verify my account if i haven't got the email?

I signed up to Joe McElderry's official fansite, and it wouldn't let me comment on anything because I hadn't varified my account, but I didn't get the email to varify it, I then made another account but that didn't work either? what do I have to do?

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if its an official site the admins will be authorizing your account themselves probably...

just wait for a bit...

ok I've signed up too... I got no idea who the bloke is but anyway

yeah I got the same check your email for bla bla bla

I havent got 1 yet so yeah just wait ;)

ANSWER #2 of 2

try and resend the email thing or even press F5 on your keypad when on emails and might come up.. or even leave for a little bit longer :) x

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