Why are the housing projects nicer than other complexes in my town?

How come the housing projects are nicer than any of the other apartment complexes in my town? I mean they are really nice, like made of stone with covered parking garages and way cute on the inside too! Before today, I thought that they were the most expensive apartments in my town! I live in cali and pay $950 for a 2 bed and these are only $800 for all of the same features my apartment has! I almost wish we could qualify for them, but the only way for us to do that would be if I got pregnant AND quit my job!!!

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most geard to income or project placement housing will let you pay a full price for the places if you want to live their because a lot of people will pay diferent prices for the same plce according to their incomeif you really like it that much try to talk to the manager and you can probably work something out

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I won't, I promise, it just makes me sad that I have to live like I'm in the projects!!! I really think that I mostly miss my hometown! rent was like $400 for the nice apartments... cali is sooo expensive!

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Please don't get pregnant and quit your job :) Just to live in a project that someone else could really use.

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