Homeschooling experiences?

Does anyyone have any good or bad experiences with homeschooling? What are the pros and cons associated with it.

Answer #1

well I’m not exactly homeschooled I do school online at home. Advantages you dont have to wake up early, you dont have to get changed out your PJs, not too much stresss, No drama. The only real con is that you dont get to see other kids in school. I take dance classes near by my house and have many friends there. I think it is so much more better than a regular school.

Answer #2

I really dont think you should go threw with it! Every kid hates school, and when I was 8 I refused to go to xD, but going makes you a stronger person and develope people skills that you will never have if your home-schooled, eventually makeing you and awkward person as you become an adult. Let her fight it out, it will become easier!

Answer #3

my daughter hates school now she has gone into yr 8. it has come to the point where she refuses to go and I would rathr her learn anywhere rather than no where. I work at a place where she can come with and have a desk set up etc so thats no problem. I just worry about wether she will be up to date with the other kids as to what she is learning. I wouldnt dream of taking her brother out of school as I think he needs the other kids around him but she is at an age where I cant even dress her and drag her kicking and screaming if I tried!

Answer #4

I home schooled my self the last two years of high school and I leanred a lot more then I had been when Iwas going to public school ( note hawaii has awful schools) I thin it better prepared me for college which I am in now.

Answer #5

I think homeschooling is the best way to get an education. And as for not being able to develop & bond w/others is not necessarily true. In the area where I live there are 30 homeschooling families and we all get together for some of our classes so all the responsibility doesn’t fall on only yourself. It is a great way to teach. Our children love it. And most colleges welcome homeschooled children as they are way ahead of public school taught children. We even have children in our classes whose parents work but don’t want their children in public school.

Answer #6

I homeschool..

good-dont have to wait for people to get done with work, get to graduate a year earlier, and some other stuff..

bad-miss sports and friends from school (have friends from other places tho)

Answer #7

People new to the idea and concept of homeschooling often have thousands of questions to raise. Here is some helpful information to guide you in weighing things out:

Some homeschooling advantages:

  1. Allow quality time, providing individualized attention and instruction. Homeschooling parents can better understand their children; observe how kids progress, what areas they find difficult and help them out.

  2. Children learn in their own pace. At homeschool, children can advance at any time, not waiting on others or if the kid is a slow learner or having difficulties in a certain subject area, she/he can remain to focus on that area without pressure that others are already moving on.

  3. Parents pattern their teaching style and curriculum in accordance with the child’s learning style, allowing him/her to successfully understand the subject matter, thus better results are achieved.

  4. No peer pressure. At a homeschool, age classification is not a factor, therefore children not only associate with children their same age level, but with children of different ages and adults as well, so they can decide on their own without the influence of peers.

  5. “Hands on learning”. Activities which are outside the context of books are very much essential to the child’s learning process. Trips to the park, the museum, the zoo, going fishing with mom and dad can be a great time to spend an afternoon educating your child.

Some homeschooling disadvantages:

  1. For the homeschool parent, much time and effort is required for preparation of teaching materials, lessons and managing the child’s opportunities in order to cultivate friendships and expand on the child’s interests.

  2. Parents who homeschool do not have enough time to spend for themselves when kids are constantly at home. This frequent time of being together can be at times suffocating and, therefore, can not work in certain families.

  3. Homeschooled children do not have a lot of opportunities to bond and develop friendships with peers. For many families, this really is not a problem and is supplemented by taking the kids out to play in the park, attend lessons in ballet, jazz, etc. However it takes a lot of effort on the part of parents to insure that their kids have these opportunities.

Whether to homeschool or not, it all depends on you, as a parent, on how much are you willing to give your child. On top of all the learning materials, the field trips, home schooling entails a lot of love, patience and encouragement.

Answer #8

one of my coworkers gathered a bunch of web resources about homeschooling and even has a section in this article about deciding if homeschool is the right choice for you. There are lots of online resources (and many of them free) for parents deciding to homeschool, curricula, lesson plans, communities, and so on.

Answer #9

hehehe mum I tracked this down hahaha oh well I wann aget home schooled :) FUN

Answer #10

I’m homeschooled online.. I started in 8th grade and I now am in 10th. And I think it is great because when you are sick you still can do your work. You can sleep in.. Eat whenever you wwant No bullying… No dealing with the rules of regular school… I dont really have problems with having friends because I still have my friends from regular school. I’m able to mix my hours up as long as they add to 5 hours.. My tecahers are really nice and understanding.. they never yell at you like normal school. And its easier to learn. Theres a lot more advantages too!

Answer #11

Hmmm I still havent made a decision im trying to stall it a bit to see if it gets better. Thanks guys. xx

Answer #12

Wow so many experiences. I am absoutelly stoked to have had your input in this subject. Thank you so much.

Answer #13

thank you for all of your advise I really apreciate it. xx

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