How to convince my mom to homeschool?

I am a junior in high school. I just moved about a month ago. I have been having the worst time trying to find friends. No one will talk to me. I have tried talking to them, they won’t respond. I get teased almost everyday. Even about stupid stuff that I shouldn’t even care about, but it hurts all the more. I cry every night about it. I really want to do homeschool so I can get away from all the ridicule. My mom says she knows it’s not the best thing. She says that people who are homeschooled are weird. :s I tried to tell her otherwise but she won’t listen. I am desperate to find a solution. Any advice on how to convince my mom to homeschool? Also, those who are homeschooled, do you like it?

Answer #1

I can assure you homeschooled are not wierd….I know of 2 and they are extremely well adjusted in every area… excellent example is Tim Tebow, quarterback Florida Gators….homeschooled all the way (high-school age he was able to play on the public school team in FL)….you’re already a junior so you don’t have long at all to go, plus the mechanics and know-how to get started homeschool might be hard if you’ve never done it before….I would just ride it out now and ignore the idiots and put a SMILE on that face !!….remember, the teasing….’this too will pass’

Good Luck and God Bless !!

Answer #2

I really wouldnt suggest it. At first it sounds fun but then you get lonley and stop going out and get really depressed. If yu want to life den stay in skl.


Answer #3

Well, you posted this a year ago, so your problem was probably solved in one way or another. But here’s my two cents:

-In a lot of states, you can take HS classes online. -Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a HUGE undertaking for your parents at your age. You’re past the age of needing someone there, teaching you every minute. -Homeschooling does make some kids really weird, but since you’ve been in school for all these years, I think you’d be totally fine. It’s a great option for a lot of kids!

Good luck, and I hope things have worked out well!

Answer #4

hey yeah stephh x is right its so borning and im always depresst>>

Answer #5

Believe me, I understand how you feel, I used to and still in a way want to be home-schooled, but I’m not despereate anymore, so I’ve just let it go. Your mom probably means well by keeping you in public school, but if you’re that miserable, she’s doing you an injustice. Parents have a tendancy of not taking their kids seriosuly, but you need to make her take you seriously. Instead of just being like, “ I hate school, I wanna be home-schooled”, explain to her your situation and tell her clearly why home-schooling is the best choice for you. A lot of people will say that public school is better, but I don’t neccessarily agree. There are pros and cons to each. I feel for you, because I truly know how you feel, I understand what it’s like to have nobody take you seriously and I know how stubborn parents can be. Tell your mom, that you love her and all, but public school is just not right for you at this time. I don’t reccommend being home-schooled for too long though, because yes, you may end up loosing your sense of reality. The rest of this school-year would be fine, but I wouldn’t extend it farther than that. People that tease you are just unhappy with their own lives and are picking on you because they sense vulnerablity. It pains me to see such a young person with such potential to get dragged down by the shallow words of other, please hunny, don’t let that happen. And don’t cry anymore that would just be letting them win, they wanna see you cringe!!! Anyway, I truly wish you the best of luck, peace out.

Answer #6

This is an old question but for others in this situation :

  • speak to an adult about the tesing if it has effected you this much then it IS classed as bullying.
  • speak to your mum about moving schools and try to make a fresh start a couple of people have joined my high school because of bullying in their old school and got on really well and made loads of new friends.
  • not everyone in every class is horribletry to talk to people who never pick on you and you will find as soon as you make friends the bullys will go away. talk to you school nurse about the crying and obvious depression this situation has caused she can guide you into resolving the situation.

if your parents choose to opt to homeschool you then take these factors into mind:

  • most people who are homeschooled grow up to be sociable people but here are some cases and as you find it hard to make friends now then I think you will end up under this category who cant make friends due to the fact that they never learnt how…

hope this helped

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