How can i get signed onto hollywood records?

how can I get signed on to hollywood records?
I cant send a demo in because that would be against the policy HELP!!!

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I work for a major record label so, I'm familiar with the process ... and a process it is indeed! In order to get signed, the record label wants reassurance that you'll be able to sell records. This type of reassurance comes from having an established fanbase. You can build your fanbase a number of ways. Hiring a publicist, performing at shows, getting airplay on radio... Very seldom will a label sign you if you haven't already laid the ground work. Myspace is a great tool for aspiring artists. Build a music page and spread the word... w/everything going digital, that's probably the way to go. Unfortunately, there's no set formula for how to get a record deal. Whichever path you take, it definitely wont happen overnight so be patient and long suffering. You can have anything that you want in life, it all comes down to how bad you want it.

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well first you need to get an agent
you cant jus get a record deal by urself
you need someone with connections

if you do get an agent NEVER PAY THEM IN ADVANCE the people who want you to pay them in advance are just scamers
so what you do is you give your agent 10-15 % of your earnings
if you really want to get signed to holywood records it wont just happen over night
first you need to have a portfolio/ resume and you should sing 4 a smaller record company first after a while if you agent get connections you might get signed
just be patiend and hopefully everything will go well

best of luck

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musicexec... or faceofnewyork22

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