What color highlights should I get for dark brown hair?

okay, im a teenager 13 years old and I want to know what color highlights should I get? I have dark brown hair.

Answer #1

I think it would be best if you got blonde highlights. they would look so pretty on you!

Answer #2

red highlights..

didnt really need to know your age btw.

Answer #3

Light Brown Wud Look Nice

Answer #4

I’d get an orangy brown lighter

Answer #5

I have dark brown hair and I am thinking about getting a caramel shade and a chesnut brown but I am not going to have streaks I am going to have little bits here and there which I think will look more natural.

Answer #6

I got a cool light blond they look hawt I’m 13 2 rawr

Answer #7

Auburn/red…don’t get blone streaks, it’ll look tacky! I know because I’m 13 and I have dark brown hair!!! Good Luck!

Answer #8

It depends whether you want the natural look or the funky look. If you want natural like a red tint would look really really nice but also natural. Or you could get a lighter brown If you want the funky look go for blonde or pink. Hope this helped, let me know how it goes x

Answer #9

to me the best combo you can get in colours for dark hair are copper red streaks after a few washes they take on a life of their own…in sunlight they scream energy and at night they give off a warm romantic look…hope you find what you looking for

Answer #10

I had dark purple highlights done, however I have a gothic dress and makeup style so purple might not be what you’re looking for…

Answer #11

I am 13 2 and I have dark brown hair 2 adn ifoundthat if youu get like a bloode red and put it at the tips of youur hair like an inch of red(thats what I did but it would look good less2) I hope I could help oh ps inspots in the back it lookscool if youu make it like up and down exapial_ lol not the best expial but youu get what im say lol

Answer #12

you should get either between caramel or deep red cause those colors are really nice in dark hair thats what I am probably gonna get

Answer #13

I think like a lighter brow would be pretty:)

Answer #14

Im 13 also and i have brown hair too and i got blonde highlights… at first it looks weird like they POP out but when they begin to fit into your hair they fade a little so it looks better so i would say blonde or Auburn cause i have blonde and auburn togeather on brown :D

Answer #15

umm blinde or a a lil darker thn blonde…<333tht will look nice like a gold awesome..take it good luck

Answer #16

dO NOT GET HIGHLIGHTS LIKE LIGHT OR MEDIUM BLONDE WITH DARK BROWN HAIR, YOU WILL LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Try dark red, ruby, med. brown, light brown, purple, caramel, judt not too light unless your lightening your whole hair to med. brown or light brown.

Answer #17

dark brown hair looks good with either dark caramel highlights (which will give you a sort of blonde look) or light brown highlights. Don’t go too light with the highlights because dark hair with light highlights is hard to maintain the roots and you’ll end up looking kind of trashy. Also, some red highlights could be nice. All up to you :]


Answer #18

I’m 13 and have brown hair as well. I got bleach white highlights all over, it looked gorgeous. I think you should do that (:

Answer #19

red,pink,blue,blond,green so it stands ouy not black

Answer #20

a deep red is a great color for highlights!

Answer #21

I have Medium/Dark Brown hair, and I actually didn’t know what to get either. I asked my Hairdresser, I ended up getting a Caramel, with a light blonde to go along with it. I love it sooo much!!! I’ve had it for 2 years now.!! Oh…and don’t get chucky highlights either. Or stringy ones. Do it where it looks natural!!

Answer #22

umm a golden brown if its our first time getting highlights. If you get blonde dont go very blonde because it will look streaky and like well someone just put dye in your hair in little lines

Answer #23

um think about the same thing about for my hair! but yeah you should try like a honey blonee :] It would be pretty

Answer #24

copper colours look nice. Warm reds. That sort of thing :)

Answer #25


just reading through and thought I would give some advice from experiance! I had dark brown coloured hair I decided I wanted a change so got a home bleaching kit what a mistake well was at the time which turned out to be perfect! I bleached it 4 times to try and get it blonde then it turned out a bright yellow with orangey streaks in it too and in the end I eneded up with big chunks of it so I panacked decided to go back brown but I spoted a lovely gold light brown put it over the top and its come out gorgeous dark brown with light brown golden chunks it contrasts lovely so if your a bit stuck trust me light brown or caramel highlights will look gorgeous too as I have some extensions I clip in with dark brown too!

Hope this helps and good luck!

Answer #26

To crazychick, yo have to bleach your hair first or it won’t work.

And if your brunette, copper coloured highlights or warm reds always look really nice in my opinion.

Answer #27

i would get a lighter brown color, bcuz then it will blend in and look more natural. but if you wanna go crazy i would get a nice blonde, and put chunky high lights in

Answer #28

I Have Natural Dark Brown Hair But I Want Light Blonde Highlites In …

Last Time I tried That I Got Into A Right Mess It Turned Gingery : ( So I Wasnt Pleased.

Does Anyone Know Any Ideas ? I Really Would Like To Hear Your Oppions Cause I Really Want Them Colours.

Thanks a lot.

Answer #29

I think that if your a prep you should get like brown and blonde highlights. If you are like punk or into being funky you should get dark blue which I personaly think looks mysterious and pretty. You should NOT get JuST blonde highlights because blonde and dark brown are complete different colors and shades. You need to make them blend and flow together. Plus, my friend has black hair and she got blonde highlights, the blonde looks white and is not a pretty picture. Good luck, do what you think is best and listen you your heart. Remember, it’s just hair and it grows back. Take a chance. :)

Answer #30

I also have dark brown hair and what I found works best is a nice deep red. Like blood red or vampire red. Blue is also a nice color but I would stick to red.

Answer #31

I have dark brown hair and I recently got highlights put in it. It was like a kind of golden-y colour, but when I actually saw it in my hair, it looked gingery! I’m going to the hairdressers again to change the colour, or take the highlights out completely. Maybe, get it toned down a bit or something, so it’s less gingery and more of a light brown? I don’t know what colour highlights I should get? I’m not allowed red or purple, so what else would be best? And I also don’t want like, a blond kind of colour - it will go gingery again, especially on dark brown hair. Any ideas? Thanks, x

Answer #32

My natural color is med. brown but I died my hair dark brown, then got highlights I went for a burgunde red color it looks good or try dirty blonde with a slight hint of red in it! Carmel looks great too!

Answer #33

I got blonde, but not like marylyn monroe blonde, just like light to dirty blonde. its cute!

Answer #34

I would have to say a lighter brown color or a reddish color. Something chesnutty. Don’t get anything to bold. You’ll look like a skunk if you get blonde.

Answer #35

I hope someone out there can help me I want to go to a medium blond without reddish tones right now I have a dirty blonde with some red to it please help

Answer #36

Like you, I have dark brown hair. When I got my highlights I chose a purple. But when it got in my hair it turned red. I liked it. But since I got it in the summer, I was out in the sun a lot and it faded in to a nice orange color. I like it. It also kind of made all of my hair a lighter brown. Hope this helps!

Answer #37

heyy im 13 tooand have dark brown hair there is a lot of different highlights you can get for your hair. I used to have blond highlights and they looked nice. but I have always wanted to have dark blue highlights and I got them a few days ago and they look so cool. so I wou;d reccomend eather blond highlights or dark blue. but not crazy, crazy, dark blue highlights. just simple dark blue streeks under the top layer of hair

Answer #38

a light brown will go lovely, I’ve had blonde high light and light brown highlight with my dark brown hair. light brown looked nice although I say that myself.

my mates had a dark red in her dark brown hair and that looked pretty too.

Answer #39

I would get auburn highlights. When you have dark brown hair, your hair naturally has red pigments. I have medium brown hair (level 4-5) and I always get the auburn. DON”T get blonde higlights. Trust me, mixing your natural red pigment in your hair with blonde highlights will make it go brassy especially if you get in the sun a lot. Stick to your auburn shades or go for a RB (reddish brown color). Chestnut is a good shade. It will look a lot more natural with your hair color.

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