What do you think of high school dropouts?

Are they only losers and fools.

Answer #1

Having been a dropout myself, I have the authority to say, yes - high school drop outs are both losers AND fools. I went back to get my diploma in my late 20’s and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…stay in school and get it done the first time around, because life will be placed on hold until you smarten up and realize you’re going nowhere without it.

Answer #2

Absolutely NOT!! People drop out of school for lots of different reasons and circumstances. Instead of criticizing them we should encourage them to go back to school. I myself chose to get married instead of finishing my degree, which I would now like to complete.

Answer #3

I also have to admit that I was a fool for doing so though

Answer #4

I am a drop out as well, dumbest thing I ever did, well I am now working on my MBA and had to work really hard to get where I am now.

Answer #5

I wouldn’t generalize them all as losers and fools. I definatly would call them all losers - people drop out for different reasons and not every drop out just leaves school to be a bum. I do realize thats the case with a majority of teens, however, a school environment is not for everyone and not every teen excels in it. Some do better by getting their g.e.d’s and going straight to work. It all depends on the person and the path they take after dropping out on how i feel about them.

Answer #6

makes logical sense. I agree..

Answer #7

I would have agreed with you up until about 2 years ago. My best mates g/f dropped out of high school, like 6 months from graduating a 4.0GPA. Couldn’t understand why, I guess she just hated high school that much and after her best friend transfered to an alternative high school, she just had not reason to stay. I thought it was the dumbest move ever. But she got her GED a few months after dropping out and now is working on a bunch of accounting courses at the local community collage, and it looks like things are going to be pretty good for her. She will have some certificate in account at the end of the semester an an associates in account about a year & 1/2 after that. I guess it depends on the person and why the dropped out. She had the drive to finish up HS in her own way.

Answer #8

She sounds pretty much like me. I dropped out about the same time, with excellent grades, but for my own personal reasons, and now I’m in a program to get my GED, and get into college. Though I do regret dropping out, I don’t consider myself a fool according to what Colleen said. But then again, I have different views on life and where I want to be to succeed and be happy.

Answer #9

hmmm most of my friends are dropouts…. I’M the dumb one for going to university XD

well if you are able to somehow go through life then i guess you are a winner….

Answer #10

I dont think HS drop outs oare losers. I think they just didnt have enough parental structure as a child to have the drive to take part in doing it themselves as they were of age. My boyfriend of 2 years droped outt and we just reverse rolls. I work, he takes care of the house. It works.I love him no matter what his education. he can tell me he loves me so thats all that matters ^_^

Answer #11

I feel the same! High school drop outs are stupid for dropping out. I am an high school drop out and right now i am in my 20s and trying to get my diploma and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is a lot harder then what high school was when I actually went to school. And you find out that if you do drop out of high school and then try to go back it is really hard if you have a family and things that you have to do for your family.. It can be really stressful. So my vote is that everybody should just stay in school and have fun being a kid.

Answer #12

I don’t think somebody dropping out of highschool is a wise descision.you need education in most cases to get along in life and it just is not right.what are you gonna work at mcdonalds?you want a really good paying job something that you’ll actually enjoy.

Answer #13

I’m a high school drop out and I am most definitely not a loser or a fool. I am more qualified than my peers who stayed in school, because when I actually was in school I studied my ass off and did fantastic work in class. I never, ever had a detention in all of my years at school. I went to a private school, so I have better education having just gone to year 11, then other people have having gone through to year 13 (7th form). I didn’t leave because I thought it would be ‘cool’, I didn’t think school was lame, but I don’t really want to disclose the reasons why I left. I did what I could when I left school because I was only just 16 at the time. Hairdressing college was one of the only courses that would take younger people, I did it so that I have something to drop back on if I need it in my later years, also hairdressing is good for travel, and it’s not hard to bet a job in a salon, anywhere in the world. I graduated 2nd in my class, and had some of the best marks anybody has ever had in that college. My real goal though always has been to be a Police woman. To work for my country and fight for what is right. I have never done anything to compromise my chances of being accepted into the police force. I have never driven out of my boundaries when I was getting my license, I have never done dru;gs. Been in a fight. Shoplifted. I have never done anything that everybody else my age seems to do every Saturday night. I am paying back my student loan. While I’ve been doing all of this, I’ve also been helping a physically disabled girl to lead a normal life- I take her twice a week for physiotherapy that helps her to walk and move like a normal 3 year old. When I needed money I started a business and did very, very, very well for myself. Apart from my study student loan, I have never borrowed money, I don’t owe anything else to anyone. I’ve never smoked anything. I also study law and criminology in my spare time. In my country, if you are under 18 you are not entitled to any financial help whatsoever, so I have made my life all by myself. I am a high school drop out and I’m doing better than some people who have been all through school and college/university. I don’t regret my decision. But I don’t encourage others to drop out.

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Answer #15

Almost everyone i know is droping out because they just simply dont liek school or they are pregnant.. Im the only one whos in school with a scholars average. Dropouts are stupiddd and will go no where with there lives.. no offence to anyone.

Answer #16

I’m a drop out, and I beg to differ. I may sound a bit egotistical, but I think I’ve got more talent and a higher intelligence than quite a few of the people I attended school with. Education is important, I won’t argue with that, but you can get education through a number of different ways. Your generalization of dropouts being stupid is actually pretty offensive being as not everyone who drops out does it because of laziness of impregnation. Not everything in life is achieved through the education provided by governments, some people are naturals at different things. Most of the things I know are from self education and reading. It may be harder to go places in life without a high school diploma if you don’t know what it is you want to do, but it isn’t impossible, and there are no real limitations when it comes to determination and willingness to strive. I think you should open your mind a bit before bashing people’s choices.

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Answer #18

Good lord my grammar is terrible, I really need an edit button…..

Answer #19

good for you chris

Answer #20

High school dropout have a better idea about life, unlike those who waste their time and fail and then work and then realise that they needed the education. By that time dropouts already found that out and have already begun to achieve their GED and probably already reached the stage of attaining their diploma. Just saying!

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