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Im going to a pretty big hs. Like 600 kids per grade. But just from your personal experience in freshman year did you kinda stick with ut circle of friends or completely meet new people? Like im just wondering if the people im close to now will still be with me this year. Just wondering bout your thoughts

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they will still be with you but you will also meet new ones...some might separate but thats their choice...I stuck with a few different circles and some friends through cheer and track...just make sure that you stay with your friends in between classes and during lunch and hangout with some new friends after school or bring them into your circle.

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its alll a click here by mee.
I have new friends, and some oldies..keep the close ones by always..but they can change, and if they do, wait it out, if they just get b*tchierrr forget them...I did that

OHHH and my "friends" also useddd me toget to my TWIN BROTHER! how backstabbing right!?

freshman year is fun, well it was for me
goodluck < 3

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I think its better to keep your friends but also make new friends


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