How can I hide vegetables in food?

My son HATES veggies! What are some sly ways to get him to eat them with out him knowing. I already mash califlower and broccoli in his mashed potatoes. He will only eat potatoes. if he sees them he will not eat them so I have to mash them up and hide them. So far I only hide them in mashed potatoes, hamburger meat, and breads. What are some other good recipes or ways?

Answer #1

V8 Juice :D

Answer #2

I tried he hates it lol even the fruit juice blends

Answer #3

eh that stuff is discusting

Answer #4

Okay, seriously now. I found these.

  • Mix squash or sweet potatoes with apple sauce. Blend it well. The colors will be similar, and both vegetables are sweet enough not to sour the applesauce.
  • Don’t exclude breakfast: slip some sweet potatoes, squash or carrots into their cheese omelets.
  • Mix taco or burrito filling with finely grated carrots.
  • Pour vegetable juice in the fruit juice bottles. Carrot blends well with most, beet juice with berry juices, and some green juice can be slipped into yellow juices without too much noticeable discoloration.
  • Inject vegetable juice inside meat with flavor injectors.
Answer #5

WHAT?! Man, you people. V8 is great (:

Answer #6

ehh i dont think so

Answer #7

How old is he? Have you tried calling them something else? I know it sounds stupid but it worked with my son. My fiance even went so far as to make fake labels for cans that had veggies in them. For example in our house green beans are - super sonic strings. Carrots are - Orange flying saucers (when their cut up). Lol. Sounds crazy, but my son actually will pick them out to eat now. You can also try and add some sweetness to them, like carrots with butter and brown sugar, sweetened creamed corn, celery with peanut butter, get some veggie dip thats sweet…my son loves anything if he can dip it in dip lol.

Answer #8


Answer #9

that actully sounds really good/funny/weird

Answer #10

-Grate or dice vegetables and add them to chili, hamburgers, meat loaf, soup, etc…

-You can put grated carrots and zucchini or mashed squash and sweet potatoes into muffins, breads, or cakes.

-Make your own pasta sauces by pureeing flavorful vegetables like red peppers. Kids who won’t eat plain cauliflower might eat pasta with cauliflower sauce mixed in. ;)

-Melt cheese on top of vegetables before serving.

Also, you can try this chicken noodle soup! :)

-1 small onion, fine chopped -3 stalks celery including leaves, fine chopped -1 cup mini-carrots, fine chopped -3 Tbsp. oil to saute vegetables -2-3 boneless chicken breasts, boiled in water just to cover chicken

Answer #11

he is 7 so if I try to rename them to make them sound fun he will just look at me like I lost my mind. Lol

Answer #12

I hope this helps! :)

Answer #13

That actually sounds yummy, the chicken noodle soup, even for me:D

Answer #14

That actually sounds yummy, the chicken noodle soup, even for me:D

Answer #15

I know! I would eat it! lol…and the kids won’t even be able to tell that there are vegetables in it. :)

Answer #16

lol :D

Answer #17

Just reward him for being a “big boy” for eating his veggies. You should also eat them with him and have a little contest to see who can eat the most…….. Thats what I do.

Answer #18

You can buy insane carrot ‘peelers’ and apple peelers that you could probably use for any vegetable. It makes it so you can ‘peel’ carrots into star shapes, huge spirals, zig-zags…. anything. I used to have one about 5 years ago. Having weird as shaped veges might encourage him to eat them. Or if that doesn’t work, you could try mashing broccoli etc into meat in a lasagna? Or make your own sausages with mashed veges in them.

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